Posted by Denny Patrick on Dec 31, 2017
Santa Made a surprise appearance! Lunatics took advantage of the visit to make sure he received their letters.
A Good time was had by all thanks to Santa's Elves  Victoria, Jill, Betty and Ute. Elf Betty leads a contest for who's who in the lunatic baby picture contest.  Ruth and Petra came in first figuring out who the little cuties were.
We had a raffle to earn funds for this years Rotaract Club.  Elf Victoria and the Patel Elves Family choose the winners.
  Santa's helpers                                                     Multiple Prize winners Ron and Petra.
   Our ugly sweater winners!   Judged by Elf Jill
We have done so many things this past year, working hard, sharing each others joys and hard times in our wonderful Luna Vista Family I wish all of you a Happy,Safe and Blessed New Year.