Posted by Leticia Villagrana
March 17 St. Patrick’s at Luna Vista Rotary
March 21 5160 Assembly in Red bluff: see e-mail
March 29  Barbara Joy Melton’s memorial  at Oddfellows Lodge 2pm
April 2 Burgers and Brew for the Woodland Schools Foundation- see Brian
April 4 Regional Meeting in February (Fairfield): see e-mail
April 18 Yard Sale, if you have things talk to Raylene
April 19  Art show 2:00pm, in Capay, volunteers needed, coordinate through Victoria
April 25 Davis Sunrise is having a birthday party with a sit-down dinner
May 2 Project Amigo’s fundraiser in San Francisco, talk to Cass
May 5 Senior BBQ for Noon club
May 9 Chinese Ag tour culminate at Seka Hill- see Ute
May 14 Epicurean Esprit at Windmill Vineyards
May 15 Winters Rotary-  Food and Wine Gala
Brew Fest: meeting today- moving forward, some of 2nd street will be blocked off
Luna Vista Foundation: meeting yesterday, welcomed 2 new board members, Leticia Villagrana and Barbara Shreve
Lunatic of the week:
Susan Lundquist- didn’t hesitate to help with speakers for our meeting
Program: Distracted Driving
California Highway Patrol- Officer Rodney Fits
All CHP officers start in West Sacramento at the academy.  They are then sent to different places.  The Yolo County CHP is anywhere from Clarksburg to Dunnigan.  There are 36 officers, 4 sergeants and 1 captain.  There are  4 officers per shift and 3 shifts are run.  
Distracted Driving is anything that takes your mind or sight from concentrating on driving.  Is is okay to use a cell phone that is mounted or connected to the audio in the car.  The law says you can you can tap it once or swipe it once.  The fine for cell phone use other than described starts at $20 for the first offense and is not considered a moving violation at this time.  As of July of 2021 vehicle code will change.  The second stop within 36 months, a point will be added to the driving record.  The CHP don’t have the stats or the data to prove what they know is happening.  They know people are driving distracted primarily because of the cell phone.
Be an example, share the CHP’s message “just drive”
Next meeting: going dark for 2 weeks, or until further notice