Posted by Leticia Villagrana on Feb 25, 2020
Benefiting the community
February Cocktail at Mojos: Mention “Cocktail for a cause” when you purchase
February 29 Woodland Noon club dinner/auction, beneficiary is WHS Scoreboard
March 17 St. Patrick’s at Luna Vista Rotary
March 21 5160 Assembly in Red bluff: see e-mail
March 29  Barbara Joy Melton’s memorial  at Oddfellows Lodge 2pm
April 4 Regional Meeting in February: see e-mail
April 19  Art show 2:00pm, in Capay, volunteers needed, coordinate through Victoria
April 25 Davis Sunrise is having a birthday party with a sit-down dinner
May 2nd- Project Amigo’s fundraiser in San Francisco, talk to Cass
May 5th Senior BBQ for Noon club
May 9 Chinese Ag tour culminate at Seka Hill
Woodland Community Harvest- Since August 2010 200,000 pounds of fruit.  The harvest needs volunteers, there are harvests, but a lack of volunteers.
Woodland Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation (W.L.E.A.F)- Need sponsors for trading cards.  Become a business sponsor online at:
Downtown Woodland Events: see flyer
Contributing to RI Foundation: Flyer with Donating to Rotary Online Instructions, money is matched for grants
Youth Protection Certificate:  If you work with youth you need to complete the certificate
Make-ups: see flyer for what a make-up is
Amazon Smile: set it up for your beneficiary as Luna Vista Rotary:
Lunatic of the week:
Raylene Ewing- she helps us with the books, does our taxes, brought the idea of a grant to refurbish education classes in Kenya.
Western Yolo Recreation Center Association, WYORCA
WYORCA is a non-profit corporation dedicated to raising funds for the construction of a community swimming pool and recreation facility serving the communities of Madison, Esparto, Capay, Brooks, Guinda, and Rumsey in the Capay Valley region.
The swimming pool opened last May (summer 2019).  The park is expensive to maintain, WYORCA is doing all they can to raise more funds.  The park is open year-round.
Current need: shade decks
President Elect, Dave Reed
Dave’s vision:  be part of a collective effort to help with harvesting for Yolo Food Bank on a larger scale.  We will need to reach out to other groups and friends to enlist volunteers for harvesting crops to work with the Yolo Food Bank.  Discussion of how our current Community Harvest will change and or grow.
Next meeting: March 3rd