As one of its Literacy projects, the Struthers Rotary distributes over 300 dictionaries to all third grade students in Struthers, Campbell, Lowellville and St Nicholas Schools as part of the Dictionary Project..
The Dictionary Project was created to provide a dictionary to students to help with their homework and their school work. A dictionary is an essential tool for a quality education. A student cannot do his or her best work without one. A child develops his understanding of the world and builds a frame of reference on what he or she knows, a dictionary provides the knowledge to better understand our world and the words to share information. 
Over 12,318,801 children have received a dictionary thanks to the generosity of sponsors who have participated in the Dictionary Project. Sponsors provide a dictionary for the children in their community each year, so they can enjoy the benefits of a large vocabulary. 2,488,454 dictionaries were given to students in 2009 as a gift from people who live in their town.
Picture; Some of the students from Struthers Elementary School along with Rotarians  Marge Diorio, Alice Cashbaugh and Tom Baringer with their new dictioanries