With vice-president Rich Corfman conducting the business portion of the ZOOM meeting, guest Dawn  Cazzolli  was welcomed as a prospective member.
Program presenter was Steve Snyder, Orrville Rotarian since August 1990.  With his program introduction of "Fly Fishing Deep Beneath the Shallow Water, A Hobby of Lifetime Learning, Generations and Legacy". Under the tutelage of his father, Bob, Snyder was introduced to fishing in general at age four and at age 11 embraced fly fishing as his lifelong passion and, early on, has passed this legacy on to his now grown children, Maryann and Douglas.  In addition to Snyder showing the elements necessary to produce a fly lure, he showed a video of his creating an actual lure. Explaining that flys are the lures that can sink or float, with two basic flys being dry either dry, while floaters stay on top of the water with either a dry-fly or roll cast.  Always employing a "catch and release" fishing scenario, Snyder believes that his passion for fly fishing is intertwined with nature's beauty and the ultimate goal to conserve and protect the environment. Other benefits of fly fishing for the speaker are the innate links to art, literature, religion, politics and relationships, adding that sharing the experience of fly fishing inspires learning and celebrating someone else's joy of the sport.