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The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise is one of more than 34,000 clubs worldwide; the 1.2 million members represent a wide range of business, professional and community leaders. Rotary's motto Service above Self, embodies Rotary's objective to provide service - in the community, in the workplace and around the globe. Rotarians come from different cultures, ethnicities, political and religious orientations. While this means that each club is unique, it also means that we set differences aside to focus on the issues such as education, vocational training,clean water and sanitation, food security, health and the global eradication of polio.
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                                  Landon                                          Jak
This is a story about an amazing adventure and young people who are committed to making this a better world.  More than ten years ago as a toddler, Landon Galt began attending meetings of the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise with his grandparents, Gilles Renaud and Sharon Miller. During that time, Landon who is now twelve, truly became a young Rotarian who understood and participated in meetings, fundraising and local projects. He even accompanied them and participated in two missions to El Salvador to build houses in one of the villages as well as attending various Rotary conventions.  
Within the past two years, Landon’s young cousin was introduced to the family ethic of volunteering to make a difference. Jakob “Jak” Bellavance is a naturally enthusiastic and innovative youngster of seven who learned about polio from his grandparents and decided to do something about helping to eradicate it. For the past few months Jak has undertaken his own mission for change by explaining the importance of eradicating polio through the school newsletter. This led to fundraising initiatives such as a purple pinkie day, the creation of a video that was shared at his mother’s place of work, speaking to his extended family members and being awarded the student council’s bake sale proceeds.   Landon has received fundraising support from his hockey team and various friends and family members as well and in total, the boys raised more that one thousand dollars to help Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign.
On Christmas Day (2018) the family embarked on the adventure of a lifetime when they left home for India. From January 4 -7, 2019, the Rotary Club of Agra Taj Mahal in District D3110 held an  Immunization Day for Agra, India, and surrounding communities to support National Immunization Day activities and Rotary International’s efforts to eradicate polio from the face of the earth.
The 83 Rotarians and friends of Rotary from Canada, the United States, Bahamas, Australia, Norway and the UK administered the immunizing drops to more than 4000 children. Under the supervision of Rotarians, Jak and Landon were able to fully participate in all of the activities.
The Rotary Club of Agra Taj Mahal has much experience with NIDs and organized exciting rallies and hand-outs to encourage local people to have their children immunized at one of the 16 sites that had been set-up. They also showed visitors some of their other accomplishments including a visit to a Rotary school where the boys were able to add donations of school supplies and small toys and treats to the schools “magic cupboard”, and where they donated two dozen soccer balls and 4 sets of team jerseys, soccer cones, soccer pads and referee whistles, all of which they gathered from the local soccer association and a local sporting good store back home.   The school also has an enterprise centre attached where women were undertaking sewing projects. Sharon was able to present 50 feminine hygiene kits and share her club’s “Go with the Flow” TM   program with them to assist girls to stay in school after they reach puberty.
This is how Rotarian  Sharon summed up the experience.  “An indescribable feeling of pride and gratitude towards my friends and family members who joined Gilles and I in India this year to help Rotary in its global effort to eradicate Polio. All of us will forever cherish the memories made. The photos below show that It is never too early to start living a life of service. Hard work and fun do go together!” 
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