Individuals interested in RYLA must have a Rotary Club sponsor them. At this time, the Rotary Club of Orléans is unable to sponsor a student however, there are many other clubs within our District that may be able to. 
The available application forms are for information purposes only. When you find a Rotary Club that will sponsor you, they will provide you with the necessary forms. 
What is RYLA?
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an international program that was created by Rotary International to encourage strong leadership in youth.
Young people are chosen for their current and future leadership skills and potential. Rotary and RYLA use this opportunity to build and further enhance leadership skills through various individual and group activities convened in an atmosphere that gives students complete trust and respect for all participants. Part of Rotary’s mission in conducting these conferences is to help students grow into young adults who have developed character traits as leaders and to help instill a strong sense of self-confidence.
RYLA is beneficial to students who already know that they are leaders and are looking to further enhance their leadership abilities. It is especially beneficial for students who haven’t self identified as leaders. More than anything, RYLA allows students to embrace themselves as individuals and learn to embrace and use their best features to positively contribute to their community.
The primary goal of the RYLA conference is to bring community business, professional and educational leaders together with the young leaders of the future to share ideas, techniques, philosophy and inspirational messages. Another RYLA goal is to create an interaction with students from throughout District 7040 that will help to build leaders without limits and encourage students to realize their full leadership potential.
The RYLA conference is unique. It strengthens leadership skills and the capabilities of high school students through physical, mental, emotional and intellectual challenges. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, problem solving and interaction with other students who are dedicated to developing their leadership skills. One of the aspects that separates and enriches the RYLA conference in District 7040 is that students gain an international perspective.
The Rotary Clubs of Lake Placid and Saranac Lake work together to hold RYLA at the Paul Smiths College annually in late June. The delegates visit the VIC and The Wild Center in Tupper Lake as part of their Adirondack RYLA Experience.