Haushala Thapa, Founder and Director of "Children and Youth First,"  spoke to the Edina Morningside Rotary Club on July 28th.  Brooklyn Park Rotarians Daryll Cameron and Duane Jones attended the meeting.  "Children and Youth First (CYF)" is an organization in Nepal that supports children from economically challenged families. Their prime effort is the "Life Vision Academy" that currently has 45 students of all ages with plans to grow to over 200 students.  The boarding school was decimated by the recent earthquakes and funding is needed for temporary shelter and the build of a new school. CYF also runs the Haushala Women's Cooperative and widespread, long-term earthquake relief projects.  The Brooklyn Park Rotary Club has provided $2,000 in recent months to help fund the new school.  Local efforts are being lead by Edina Morningside.  Shown in the picture, from left to right, are Amanda Brown (USA Executive Director of CYF), Paula Schwartz (Edina Morningside CYF Coordinator), Haushala, Daryll and Duane.