Wet weather and high water provided challenges for completing seasonal maintenance in Rotary Park and on the boardwalk.

When the weather was nice this summer — and we had some glorious days — the club met outside and under the pavilions in the park to comply with public health COVID-19 regulations. But it seemed whenever some work was to be done, the rains came.

Those downpours also contributed to some very high water levels on Yellowknife Bay, which posed some extra challenges for work parties.

However, with rubber boots and work gloves, some floating debris and garbage along the boardwalk was cleaned up. Benches were also painted.

Here’s a note from Chuck Tolley:

“As you are aware, the high water in Great Slave Lake this year has been a growing concern especially for the last section of the Rotary boardwalk. We had a long hard look at the state of the Boardwalk to assess if any remedial action is required. After consultation with the City of Yellowknife, it has been decided that we should add sandbags to the last sections of the boardwalk to provide ballast to help stabilize and hold this section in place in case the water rises further. This is a fairly urgent requirement as parts of the boardwalk are or nearly floating at this point.”

So a work party was assembled for Aug. 31, to fill sand bags and haul them to the end of the boardwalk. The city had located a supply of bags and provided sand stored at Parker Park that the club could use. 

The plan was to fill the sand bags at Parker Park and haul them by trailer to the Rotary Park parking lot. From there they will be hauled by wheelbarrow to the end of the boardwalk and placed where they are needed to help hold down the boardwalk. 

The Odd Job Squad — An Inclusion NWT program that assists under-employed individuals who self-identify with a disability to derive a small income from one-time or short-term work — generously agreed provide some workers to help with the project. 

As you can see from the photos, being a Rotarian is not all about meetings and fancy lunches…