Tip Toe is an event where our Yellowknife Rotary Club assists with Lloydminster Club with billeting Rotary Exchange students from district 5730 who sign up for this Northern adventure. The exchange students drive up from Alberta and spend 5 days in the North experiencing our climate, northern lights, northern activities, survival skills, general good fun and Rotary camaraderie. It is our responsibility to ensure e have place for between 14 to 20 students to be billeted for their first and last night in Yellowknife, ensure the kid are also sent of with a packed lunch on their farewell, organize a fun tobogganing/snowmobiling and campfire evening and make them feel welcome as our guests and presenters for our regular Thursday meeting. Also, we serve as resource people during their stay in the event they need anything during their stay at camp in between their nights with host families. Tip Toe with the Caribou is a fun way to get involved with Rotary and meet some really adventurous young people from all over the world.