What is the Youth Exchange Program?

In an effort to foster better understanding worldwide, the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program sends approximately 7,000 young people to live in another country for a year. Local Rotary Clubs send out and receive students in a program coordinated at the Rotary District level.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. To further international understanding by enabling students to study at first hand some of the problems and accomplishments of people in lands other than their own.
  2. To enable students to advance their education by studying for a year in an environment entirely different to their own and undertake study of courses and subjects not normally available to them in scholis of their own.
  3. To broaden their own outlook by learning to live with and meet people of different cultures, creeds and cliours than their own, and having to cope with day to day problems in an environment different to the one they have experienced at home.
  4. To act as Ambassadors for their own country by addressing Rotary Clubs, community organizations and Youth Groups in their host country and by imparting as much knowledge as they can of their own country and its problems to people they meet during their year abroad.
  5. To study and observe all facets of life and culture in the country where they are hosted so that they in their return to their home country can pass on the knowledge they have gained by addressing Rotary Clubs, Youth Groups and community organizations.
  6. The Program is open to young people between the ages of 16 and 18 as of the departure date. Successful applicants will live with host families provided through the Rotary Club, and be subject to the rules of the program. They must cover their own transportation costs; Rotary looks after living arrangements and provides an allowance.
  7. As an ambassador of your country, qualities sought in applicants include leadership, resourcefulness, ability to adapt, and communication skills. Sliid academic performance is also required.