Since 1988, the Yellowknife Rotary Club has hosted the annual Northern Experience Program (NOREX) for students from districts 5370 and 5360.  The aim of the program is to bring students from the two districts to Yellowknife and let them experience the environment, culture, and people of the north.

Due to a loss of some key personnel in the Club,  'Northern Experience' will not be held for the 2011 year.  The Club has decided to forego the program for this year while we reevaluate, and possibly restructure the program, and determine if it will be offered in future years. Information on the future of the program, when it is determined, will be posted on this site.  Thank you for you interest in the program.


The following text and all the links have been left in for future use.  Northern Experience 2011 is still cancelled (sorry!)

In 1988, the Yellowknife Rotary began hosting a youth exchange program.  The aim of the program was, and is,  to bring students from our district to Yellowknife so they could experience the unique environment, culture, government and people.

Since the division of our district in 1999, we now extend our invitation to all the clubs of Districts 5360 and 5370 to participate by sending a student.

This program targets those students who a club believes would benefit from a cultural experience to a northern location in Canada they probably would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience.

The 5 day program is run every year in March and sometimes it is scheduled to coincide with our local Caribou Carnival.  

Since the program is run in the winter, the students have an opportunity to participate in many activities.  Some of those activities include:

  • Dog sledding
  • Learning Winter Survival Skills
  • Tours to gold or diamond mines or facilities
  • Cultural & educational tours
  • And much more

    The program changes slightly each year and we make every effort to give the students a wide scope of experiences.

    For more information email Jeromy Ball at .