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The Rotary Club of Whitecourt has another successful Lobsterfest.  A big Thank you to all our sponsors, guests, volunteers and Rotary Members.  It's because of this great community, that we can give back and changes lives.
Making Apples with the grade 3 students at Central School with the Apple Dumpling Gang.  Fun was had by all in this literacy and anti-bullying program.
Building Friendship, Making Memories, Having Mentors
Not that long ago I wrote a post about our Spring Leadership Assembly tying in, how we need more Millennials in our club. Now I'm seeking the attention of Generation Alpha.
Last week's Rotary presentation was by none other than Tamara Larson, District 5370's Youth Chair, informing us on all of the good we can do for children in our communities through Rotary programming. I think we are well on our way there as Rotary Club of Whitecourt, but... there's a few thing's we still want to do. 

Do you, or someone you know, have children ages 12-18?  We are currently looking at setting up an Interact Club of Whitecourt under our Rotary Club.   
Interact clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Their club is run seperate from ours, with their own community service projects (similar to ours: Koats for Kids, Seniors BBQ, Family Day, just being a few) as well as an International Project (End Polio Now https://www.endpolio.org/). Interact clubs bring youth together, to focus on common goals, build and foster friendships, while also giving children mentors to work with. 

What are the benefits you ask? 

Connect with leaders in your community and around the world to:

  • Take action to make a difference in your school and community
  • Discover new cultures and promote international understanding
  • Become a leader in your school and community
  • Have fun and make new friends from around the world

What’s involved?

Interact clubs organize at least two projects every year, one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding. Rotary club sponsors mentor and guide Interactor's as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills.

Celebrate the global impact of Interact by getting involved in:

  • World Interact Week
  • Interact Video Awards
  • Rotary Youth Day at the United Nations
  • Global Youth Service Day
This is a project our club feels VERY strongly about and are looking forward to getting started. Please stay updated by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Insta. 
(Left to Right: Merv Hilland, Kelly and Guy from Eastlink Park)
Calling All Winter Sports Fanatics!!! 

This update is for you! This year was Eastlink Park's 4th year in operation and these folks have a lot new in the works for all our snow fanatics out there. 
In their first few years they saw 5500 ski visits and since their operation started they have now grown to 9000 visits with 16 school's in attendance, with Guy teaching many many students how to ski this year. Although the park just closed; albeit a little earlier than normal; thanks to warmer weather, this year they also saw 1500 tubers, with their most memorable being seeing a handicapped child's eyes G-L-O-W sending them down the hill in a tube. 
The future of the park is looking bright, especially with the significant growth they have seen in the last few years, leading them to a conference this month in Whistler to sit on a panel on how to make a tube run with curves; our's is only one currently offering this, as well as building more runs and t-bars. Next winter is sure to be an exciting one. 

Thank you Eastlink for all of the winter fun you provide Whitecourt & our families.  We can't wait for next year!
Project Amigo

This is another feel good story from one of our Rotary members; Carol Zemp. 
Recently she had the ability to travel to Mexico for a week and work with other Rotarian's from around the world with another of our Rotary projects--Project Amigo. 
Project Amigo's mission is  all about empowering more children and encouraging them to get an education so they can help themselves and their family out of poverty. It's main headquarters is in Cofradia de Suchitlan; 2 hours outside of Manzanillo. 
Project Amigo is a week long Rotary sponsored ship that supports students from Colima, Mexico, helping them reach their own educational aspirations and better the quality of life for themselves and their families.  Project Amigo helps remove the financial barriers to education through scholarships that help cover school fees, transportation, uniforms, school supplies and a hot lunch for each individual. The staff are wonderful and amazing and provide tutoring and mentorship to the kids. 
Carol and the team of rotarian's during their week helped paint and resurface the schools, both for the younger kids as well as the college dorms. They experienced fresh picked coffee at a jungle house cafe, handed out clothing and took a large group of 200+ to the beach. 

For more information, email info@projectamigo.ca

(Pictured: Kelly, Kathy Lee Munro & Mr. Mikes staff) 
We are very honored to be partnered with Mr. Mikes! Last week Club President Kathy Lee Munro accepted a donation check made to the Rotary Club of Whitecourt from Mr. Mikes soft open and VIP opening nights. We are very thankful for the partnerships that help us help make this community a better place for all of us and this is a partnership we hope to see grow and flourish. 

Thank you MR. MIKES for helping us make a difference in our community. 

I am a millennial. Think about that statement for a minute, what do you picture??  
Probably a person with an outrageous hairstyle, free-spirited, and tattooed who most are hesitant to hire into their workforce.  It's a culture attributed to many advances in technology and the way we interact with others on a social level. Gone are face to face conversations, replaced by screens and internet and social media madness. 
Here is a couple of interesting facts about our generation, "Millennial's" those born between 1982 and 2000. 
1.They Dominate the Workforce.
2.They Want to Make a Difference.
3.They Believe in Personal Responsibility- trying to make a difference in the world.
4.They’re the Best Educated Generation.
We make a big impact on the world, we WANT to make a DIFFERENCE, we WANT to make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE, we're smart and we are DOMINATING the workforce right now.  
This brings me to share how I viewed, participated, and learned at a Rotary Spring Leadership Assembly this past weekend.  I'm a first timer to Rotary, no stranger to volunteering, looking for some way to leave my impact on the world, to make it a better place, to help those less fortunate. Rotary is viewed a lot as an "old mans club," presently the Rotary community as a whole is primarily made of men and women 40+, but this is what stuck with me. Rotarian's live their lives by a 4 Way Test- of things we think, say, or do.
1. Is it the TRUTH? 
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? 
They're career men and women, from different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, that all want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world. That, I could get behind.  Rotarian's are involved in many joint projects within our community: Free Skating & Swimming in our community, Koat's for Kids Annual Drive, Whitecourt Rotary Park, Adventure Program, Summer Unplugged Program to name just a few. Internationally Rotary has run campaigns on "Ending Polio" in third world countries, providing vaccines to those who otherwise would not receive them, cervical cancer screening for women in Sri Lanka, building a girls school in Malawi, and so much more. 

This past weekend, myself and fellow Rotarian's attended the Spring Leadership Assembly, learning new skills and connecting with other like minded people brainstorming how we can change the lives of those in our communities and in the world. How we can all work towards our common goal; eradicating polio (https://www.endpolio.org/). 
We were addressed by District Governor's, District Governor - Elect's, other Rotarian's about topic's we wanted to grow in. One of those was, gaining new membership, which is part of my reason for writing this article. Rotary needs more members, of all age types, but especially us millennial's, those of us that will challenge the normal viewpoints, will break the mold's, will have different ideas on how we can effectively improve the lives of ourselves, other's, and our community and on the broader scale, internationally. 

My overall viewpoint off this entire experience, INSPIRING.  I will be honest, I wasn't sure if Rotary was my place, where I could help make a difference. After this weekend, I can absolutely say that it is. Here's just a few of the take away's I brought back with me. 
Friday evening started with a general address from our District Governor Elect for the 2019-2020 Rotary year. She is a soft, kind-hearted soul, Tracey Vavrek, part of her welcome presentation was a speech from Past President of Rotary International Ravi Ravindran and how with the joint effort's of his club and a club out of Birmingham, Alabama were able to help fund a project to bring cervical cancer and breast cancer screening to women who would otherwise not have access to this type of care in this area. Follow the link here to learn more: https://www.rotary.org/en/keeping-lid-cancer-sri-lanka
This project in and of itself is absolutely astonishing. Immediately I got that feel good feeling when you know you are involved with a fellowship that makes this kind of change. 
Saturday morning, was more about learning how we could effectively and efficiently operate our individual clubs, how to promote, attain new members, keep members, and so much more. We had many different speakers assisting us on ideas on how to successfully implement good change in our communities, our career and personal lives.  Followed by some specific role training for our incoming President-Elect's (next years individual Rotary Club's President's for 2019-2020), Secretary-Elect's training (same as President-Elect except its the secretary incoming for 2019-2020), as well as some training on building larger membership's, Rotary Foundation presentations and more, so much more. I wanted to be able to go to them all, so much learning, so LITTLE time. 
Saturday afternoon we had a presentation from a past Rotary Youth Exchange student, Rotary has both long term and short term exchange programs; who went on Youth Exchange in Germany through Rotary and  how her experiences helped her deal with real life battles (cancer being one of them) and how the experience impacted the rest of her life. Her name is Christina Hassan, Public Health Specialist and Law student who together with her husband Hyder Hassan co-founded FullSoul after Christina's first hand experience in Uganda while working in maternal health. Find FullSoul here: https://www.fullsoul.ca/about/
It's a true Rotary love story, as Christina and Hyder met at a Rotaract club in Calgary. Her entire presentation was so inspiring, uplifting, full of how Rotary really does make a difference in people's lives in their communities, and across the world.  Her presentation was the last presentation of the day before the closing speech.  

I was left in tears of joy from all this woman has overcome, battled through and how she took all her experience from Rotary and her friendships that she built through a Youth Exchange Program, a battle with cancer, her degree in Public Health, her starting a business, law school.  Rotary has impacted her life in so many different ways. 
This, is what confirmed in me that Rotary was indeed the RIGHT PLACE FOR ME. I can use my talents in a group setting to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in OUR COMMUNITY. 
DO YOU WANT TO HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE??  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. #WCTRotaryRocks
I think you can say we are excited to spring into summer around this time of year, I think we are all pretty sick of the cold. What a better way to warm up than to have a presentation on this year's Music Fest 2019. The dance festival took place this weekend and I am sure it was a beautiful display. There are a few Rotarian kids that participated.  The remainder of the festival will take place from April 2nd to 10th 2019. The schedule to be April 2nd Choirs/Vocal Solos at Whitecourt Central School, Community Choir/Adult vocals (evening) at Whitecourt United Church, April 3rd & 4th Choral Speech, Speech Arts at Elmer Elson Elementary, April 8th & 9th Piano at Whitecourt United Church, April 9th Band at Ecole St. Joseph School, Percussion/Adult Solos (Evening) at Whitecourt United Church and ending off with Strings/Instrumental on April 10th at Whitecourt United Church. We are always pleased to present a check to this festival and that is just what we did.  
Then from spring, we went into summer with a presentation from the Town of Whitecourt on their Summer Unplugged program for this upcoming summer 2019. We love to get the kids of our town involved in fun, engaging activities and by partnering with the Town of Whitecourt we do just that for this program. Morning and afternoon sessions are available for the Summer Unplugged program for ages 6-12. They also have a Unplugged 2.0 program for kids ages 12-14, which runs only in afternoon sessions every other week. They presented us with their 2019 plans and we cannot wait for you to see. 
Registrations for these programs open to the public on May 8th 2019 with members being able to register on May 1st 2019. 
Stay tuned for more updates on these programs in the coming months by following us on Faceboook, Twitter and Instagram. 
March's Featured Rotarian
I'm Brittany Bugden, Club Public Relations representative and Secretary-Elect for 2019/20.
I'm a small town Newfoundland girl that moved in 2012 to start a bright future in the Hospitality and Tourism industry after receiving my diploma with honors. 
I've lived in a few areas of Alberta, including Camrose, Stettler, Fort McMurray and finally Whitecourt. The small town vibe of Whitecourt I have grown to love, as it reminds me of home on a daily basis. 
I come from a large family of volunteers; from Firefighters, Girl Guide leaders, Scouts Canada leaders and more. Volunteering was something that was instilled in us kids in my family at a very young age and we've always been eager to help. I myself went through the Girl Guide program and when moving to Fort McMurray got involved with Scout's Canada as a Cub Scout leader; whose program follow's the "Jungle Map" exploring new challenges and planning adventures as a pack. Cubs are accompanied by many leaders, taking on names from the Disney classic The Jungle Book, I started out as Bagherra and in my final year became the pack master as Akela. Leadership, environment and outdoors, active and healthy living and citizenship were a few topics we touched on with our kids during my years as a leader. 
When I moved to Whitecourt, I knew that I wanted to get involved in the community  and I wasn't quite sure where to even start, with the help of my lovely boss and this years Rotary Club President Kathy Lee Munro, I joined the "pack" and was initiated into the Rotary club in July 2018, immediately jumping into the Public Relations role and volunteering at as many events as I was able. Seeing how our community comes together to help one another is absolutely astounding. 
Out of all of our club's projects, both in the city and internationally I have been able to help improve the live's of many and am excited to help even more as I take over the Club Secretary role for the 2019/20 calendar year.   
Watch out for us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for more activities coming near you! 
Janet Pomeroy, Executive Director of the Athabasca Watershed Council provided valuable information at the Feb 21, 19 meeting.
The weather was cold, but the hot chocolate and hot dogs were warm and the sun was bright.
Huge thanks to Pembina Pipeline for once again demonstrating their bigheartedness by entrusting Rotary Club of Whitecourt with a most generous donation of $27,569 to be used for projects in our community!!
My name is Holly Astill and I am the past President of our Rotary Club. My husband and I have lived in Whitecourt for 19 years and raised our 2 daughters here. Rotary to me is very important and is a way to give back to the community. I joined Rotary to make a difference and to meet new people. Rotary is so many things and there is something for everyone. My favorite local Rotary projects involve children and families, such as Rotary Park, Eastlink Park, Koats for Kids, the Breakfast Program, Family Day, Free Family Skating and Swimming at the Allen & Jean Miller Centre as well as golf range days, plus many other local projects to help bring events or services to the community for everyone to enjoy. I am very excited about our newest project- The Dolly Parton Imagination Library to bring books to children aged 0-5 and to promote literacy. Volunteering is so rewarding, and through Rotary I have made some lifelong friends. Come join us and make a difference too!
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