Nov 30, 2018
Carol Thornell-Lara Olson
Serving in the Peace Corps in Thailand

PoC: Laura McDowell 

Carol Thornell 
I started life as a Navy brat in San Diego and graduated high school northwest of Chicago. I taught English, reading and math in public schools and community colleges. After graduating from NCSU in 1989 with a doctoral degree in Adult Education and Organization Development, I began working in corporations across the country. I retired from Union Pacific Railroad and became a Peace Corps Volunteer Thailand from January 2011 to 2013.  After raising three sons, I now travel as much as possible seeking new cultural experiences and “meeting no strangers.” My volunteer work includes Life@Elon former Curriculum Chairperson and current Executive Board member as well as HOA board member. My free time includes taking dressage lessons, hiking, dancing, going places with friends and giving Peace Corps presentations.
Lara Olson
An early love of music, travel, and history led Lara to fluency in French and Italian, which she parlayed into a career teaching languages at Hanover High School and Dartmouth College in Vermont.  She also completed a doctorate in music from the Peabody Conservatory.  After her stint with the Peace Corps in warm and steamy Thailand, Lara decided she’d had enough of Vermont winters and moved to Hillsborough, North Carolina, where she tutors English to immigrants, as well as classical guitar study, singing in Women’s Voices Chorus, and ballroom dancing.