Feb 02, 2018
State Auditor Beth Wood
Holding the Government Accountable

PoC Charles Heatherly

Beth Wood is now beginning her third term as North Carolina’s elected State Auditor. She is a Certified Public Accountant and long-time public servant with nearly 25 years of auditing experience.
Beth worked in the State Auditor’s Office for more than a decade before being elected in 2008. Before joining OSA, she worked in the State Treasurer’s Office and in the private sector. She is the first woman elected State Auditor in North Carolina. 
During her tenure, the office has performed audits to help state leaders cope with the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. Those audits have focused on contracting practices that favored vendors at the expense of taxpayers and holding officials at all levels accountable for the way they do business. The audits published by OSA have saved the state hundreds of millions of dollars.
Beth continues through her work as State Auditor to help strengthen and improve state government.  Audit teams across the state are watching every area of state government for potential savings and to ensure the best use of taxpayer dollars.
Additionally, the office is following up on prior audits, evaluating the use of best practices by state agencies, and working to attract and retain highly skilled auditors. 
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