Vocational Service newsletter l Celebrate Vocational Service Month

Posted on Jan 17, 2018

Empower others through vocational service

Through vocational service, our members use their unique skills to address community needs and help others discover new professional opportunities and interests. During January, Rotary’s Vocational Service Month, reflect on your club’s and district’s work in this area. Here are five ways you can incorporate vocational service in your activities:

  • Talk about your profession with fellow club members and learn about their occupations.
  • Hold events or meetings at members’ workplaces, rotating hosting duties.
  • Practice your profession with integrity, and inspire others to behave ethically through your words and actions. 
  • Host conversations about diversity and inclusion in your club to ensure all members feel safe, respected, and represented in policies, procedures, and decision making. Coordinate similar events in your workplace. 
  • Work with local businesses to create mentorship, internship, or practicum opportunities to help young people achieve their career goals.
  • Guide and encourage others in their professional development.

Sharing stories about vocational service can inspire club and district projects. Post your club’s work on Rotary Showcase and join the conversation in the Vocational Service discussion group.