Posted on Jun 14, 2018
Rotary Club Central:  What's in it for clubs?
Are you looking for ways to train your clubs on Rotary Club Central? Learn from these two district governors on how they motivated their clubs to use the online tool.

Pat Cross, past governor of District 6860, suggests that for clubs to see the importance of Rotary Club Central, trainers need to communicate how this tool can work for them. Highlighting these points will help clubs see Rotary Club Central’s value.
  1. Rotary Club Central translates data into tangible results. Teach club leaders how to create graphs that show historical trends related to club goals. Visual representation makes it easier for leaders to explain to members how their volunteer participation and contributions are crucial to achieving club goals.
  2. Rotary Club Central can help clubs put a value on the impact they have in their communities. Explain how Rotary Club Central makes it possible for clubs to record their projects and hours and assign a monetary value. This could provide clubs with tangible information that can maximize their impact when seeking partnerships for future projects.
  3. Rotary Club Central makes it easy for club leaders to measure club achievements. Use Rotary Club Central to prepare the club annual report, summarizing achievements and explaining how the club is using grant funding.
Meanwhile, in District 6710, Governor Missy Eckenberg raised the bar by having all of her 55 clubs enter their goals in Rotary Club Central. Her strategy included training before and during PETS on entering goals. Her assistant governors also conducted person-to-person training with club leaders to help them through the process. As a result, many presidents can attest to an increase in club performance in various areas.