Above: Rotarian Tricia Marciano (left) poses with nine-year-old Sofia Murtazin (right) and her original artwork, which she sells to raise funds for Ukraine.
The Rotary Club of Hillsborough members listened in awe as Hillsborough resident, nine-year-old Sofia Murtazin, shared her inspiring story of raising funds for the victims of the invasion of Ukraine. With her mother Marta by her side, Sofia spoke at a Rotary Club event held at Flounder’s Brewery Wednesday evening.
Sofia, who attends third grade at Hillsborough Elementary School, sprang into action the day after the invasion and began painting signs to raise money to purchase needed supplies for the people of Ukraine. Both of Sophia’s parents were born in Ukraine and have many family members and friends who continue to live under constant threat from Russia’s invasion. With her mother’s help with a social media campaign, Sofia’s efforts have gone viral and have touched the hearts of supporters across the nation. 
“Sofia’s compassion and dedication are just so inspiring,” commented Rotary Club of Hillsborough member, Tricia Marciano, who invited her to speak at the Club’s Wednesday meeting.  “It was an easy decision for our Club to donate money and invite her to speak to us.  I can’t imagine a better example of the Rotary motto in action – Service Above Self.”  To date, Sofia has raised over $11,000, which enabled her to purchase medical supplies and toiletries, and send them to Ukraine.
Jeremy Lees, Flounder’s owner, who also has family ties to Ukraine, not only hosted the Rotary event, but joined in the presentation sharing information about his own on-going efforts in support of Ukraine, including a $3,000 donation to Sofia.
Those interested in supporting Sofi’s efforts with monetary or in-kind donations can contact her at martuneya@yahoo.com or by calling (908) 294-0755