Most of us marvel at those people who seem to effortlessly recall everyone's name, deliver a speech without looking at notes, or retain, over time, much of the information they read or hear. Well, according to memory expert, Matthew Goerke, such a memory is not necessarily a gift at birth, but the result of training - and he has been delivering that training to thousands of business men and women, public speakers and celebrities for years.
“There is no such thing as a bad memory – only an untrained one.”  That is the message at the core of “Memory Switch,” a workshop developed by leading memory expert, Matthew Goerke, who has taught thousands of business leaders, public speakers and celebrities the path to a better memory.  On Wednesday, January 23, Mr. Goerke will be the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Hillsborough’s weekly dinner meeting – and the public is invited to attend free of charge.
“Improving memory is not only important in business and public office,” commented Rotary Club of Hillsborough President, Greg Burchette, “but is key to success in many areas of our lives, including school, community and social interactions.” 
The Rotary Club of Hillsborough holds its weekly meetings every Wednesday evening beginning at 6:15 PM at The Landing Restaurant, 311 Amwell Road in Hillsborough.  Those interested in attending this special presentation by memory expert Matthew Goerke - as well as a cocktail reception with a cash bar - must register in advance by sending an email with their name, contact information, and number of guests that will be attending to: