Our finances
The Rotary Club of Scituate consists of two financial entities:
The Rotary Club of Scituate
‚ÄčThis is the membership part of the club. The Treasurer of the Club controls the funds the Club spends on itself, like the meal we share during our meeting,  the Rotary signs at major access roads into Scituate, and training of the members and officers of the club.
The Scituate Rotary Foundation
This is our 501(c)3 charity, controlled by our Trustees. This is where we collect funds from fund raisers, and dispense to local, national and international programs. These funds are not spent on our club.

Because of the strict separation of 501(c)3 Charity funds, we are able to keep our administration expenses extremely low, When adding all the spending of the Scituate Rotary Foundation between 2001 to 2014, the percentage of donations actually spent on our programs is 96.2%

2014: 97.0%
2013: 98.7%
2012: 84.6%
2011: 93.3%
2010: 99.7%
2009: 99.7%
2008: 91.8%
2007: 96.4%
2006: 94.4%
2005: 98.3%
2004: 98.5%
2003: 96.1%
2002: 96.3%
2001: 97.2%
Source: http://www.charities.ago.state.ma.us/ (look for the Scituate Rotary Foundation)