Posted by Sue Heller on Oct 26, 2019
23 October 2019: Janet Schmitz - Update on Polio
Members present: Dietrich Bilger, Lambert Brandes, Lois Brandes, Janice Brown, Colleen Davidson, Gregory Davidson, Sue Heller, Walter Heller, Nancy Jacobs, Mike Johnson, Joe Kelley, JD Miller, Bart Nuboer, Joan Powers, Robert Schipul, Janet Schmitz
Guests present: Sandra Schipul
Rotary Club Meeting at Scituate Country Club  10/23/19
Called to order at 6:30 pm
Salute to flag – Joe Kelley/Invocation-Bob Schipul
Janet mentioned a couple deposits for polio today.
Dietrich,  Padraig O’Malley, Friends Forever,  brings youth together.
Colleen mentioned exchange student is not living with them any longer.  If anyone knows of family in Plymouth (No high area).
Bob Schipul – did not draw the queen
Community Dinner: 3:30 pm on Sunday/Saturday set up 4:30 pm.
Vibrant Club Seminar at White’s in Westport.
Janet spoke on Polio Plus: 3, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia
If one person in a home has polio the whole family may get it. A person can be a carrier.
1999- USA was declared clear (virus gone).  Detection process is expensive.  Fifteen billion vaccinated in 2000. 2.5 billion kids have been vaccinated. Vaccine must continue for three years.
Oct. 30 - No Meeting
Nov. 6 – meeting at Scituate Country Club

(typed by Nancy Jacob)


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