Posted by Nancy Jacobs on Jan 14, 2020
8 January 2020: Dave Clifton - Rotary's public image
Members present: Janice Brown, Colleen Davidson, Gregory Davidson, Sue Heller, Walter Heller, Nancy Jacobs, Joe Kelley, Bart Nuboer, Joan Powers, Rober Schipul, Janet Schmitz, Bernie Westerveld
Guests present: David Clifton, Mr. Sharron, Sandra Schipul
Bernie Westerveld, Dutchvertizing, gave  a check for $876 generated by the business directory to the Scituate Rotary Foundation. "The Four Way Test" by Lacey Dalton was played on CD by our guest speaker.
David Clifton, 51 year Rotary member and PDG, spoke about the strategic plan for Rotary's public image.  The main points are to support the club, support the Rotary Foundation, and to promote our public image.  He stated that Rotary is introducing a new roadside sign which will have the word Rotary prominently in the foreground.
Rotary has been successful in eradicating polio with only a few cases left worldwide.  Our next focus will be on finding a cure for Alzheimer'/ Dementia.  The president of Rotary International has asked Dave to champion our effort in helping to find a cure for Alzheimers/Dementia in our zone which stretches from NJ, parts of  PA, NY,  part of Canada, and as far east as Bermuda. 
The meeting was adjourned at 9:05
meeting Jan. 15 at Beijing House
meeting Jan. 22  at Scituate Country Club


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