Posted by Bernie Westerveld on Nov 20, 2019
20 November 2019: Dr. Dennis Snyder - Medical Missions for Children
Members present: Dietrich Bilger, Janice Brown, Sue Heller, Walter Heller, Nancy Jacobs, Joe Kelley, Bart Nuboer, Joan Powers, Robert Schipul, Janet Schmitz, Dennis Snyder, Lucille Sorrentino, Bernie Westerveld
Guests present: Diane Herth, Sandra Schipul
Dr. Dennis Snyder, Medical Missions for Children, began in 1991.  Cleft Palate and lip.  35 years a surgeon.  Just finished in China, all are volunteers.  It has showed a snowball effect from Rotary which has helped tremendously.  Added trips in Africa.  Now going to Madagascar; never been there before.  Talk to families where young people can go help.  The young people earn $ to go.  It changes lives!  Many people have fund raisers $10,000 to $20,000.  Prefer 18 year old or older.  Poor dental care can lead to heart disease.  Operations take approximately an hour each.  2 operations per child.  2-3 months old can be operated on. Children heal fast.
(typed by Nancy Jacobs)


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