Posted by Nancy Jacobs on May 18, 2020
13 May 2020 (Zoom): Beth Murphy
Members present: Lambert Brandes, Lois Brandes, Dietrich Bilger, Colleen Davidson, Gregory Davidson, Sue Heller, Walter Heller, Nancy Jacobs, Michael Johnson, Joe Kelley, JD Miller, Bart Nuboer, Joan Powers, Robert Schipul, Janet Schmitz, Lucille Sorrentino, Bernie Westerveld, Debbie Wheeler
Guests present: Beth Murphy, Peter Rhoten, Sandra Schipul

Salute to flag, four way test
President Walter introduced guest speaker Beth Murphy of Principle Pictures, producer of documentaries.
Razia's school is closed now during Ramadan.  When in session, the students use books for school work........... no online learning. The girls have a traveling robotics team, but filming has been halted due to the virus.
Gender based violence by the Taliban has increased, most recently with an attack on a maternity hospital.
Beth will be in Afghanistan in the coming months working on a climate change project which is the result of the severe drought affecting farmers. Opium supports the Taliban and extremism as it is the most resistant to climate change.
Participating in the first graduation of the midwifery college were two girls who will be working at a health clinic post corona virus.
Razia is in LA making masks while Beth is working on the story of three orphans who have survived the genocide in Rwanda.
Beth will continue her presentation at the May 20th Rotary zoom meeting at 6:30.
Meeting adjourned at 7:10. 
Respectfully submitted,  Nancy Jacobs