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Bliss Dairy
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Wednesday's Speaker - Athena Lavoie
Athena is the Outreach Coordinator at Butler Hospital where she is heavily involved in increasing participation for the hospitals pre-clinical and early Alzheimer's disease research program. She ran through an informative and necessary PowerPoint regarding ways in which Butler Hospital approaches their research. Thank you Athena!
Tom Kelly - Kids back to school! Hooray!
Rob Geddes - Saved trash truck from snow and ice disaster! Rob is also transitioning to a new position within Bristol Community College. Congrats and good luck!
Jim Jones - Reaching health goals due to lack of Bliss Dairy Ice Cream! We still miss the ice cream...
Alissa Hall - Son achieved yellow belt in karate! Watch out!
Marcia Szymanski - Refinanced New Hope's mortgage - many thanks to Alissa!
Happy belated birthday to both Dan Blake and Carolyn Dibbert! We hope the Blake family enjoyed too much cake and ice cream!
Next meeting is scheduled for February 10th via ZOOM. Be on the lookout for Jim Jones' email!
Feb 10, 2021 12:00 PM
Hebron Food Pantry
Feb 24, 2021
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