Jim Brown, Outreach and Event Coordinator for Gospel Rescue Mission, Tucson, welcomed our group of nine Kino Rotarians at the H. S. Lopez Family Foundation Center of Opportunity.
Kino Rotarians were treated to a beautiful breakfast in the center's dining room, where 200 meals are served three times a day. Meals are served at the table, never in a line.
                                                             Sharing the Breakfast
The Gospel Rescue Mission complex has more than 30 community partners, including onsite offices for El Rio Health and the Department of Economic Security. La Frontera recently purchased an adjacent building to be used for low-income housing. 
The complex has a playground for children, prayer garden, chapel, library, computer lab and an athletic training room, where one of the quotes on the wall says "If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you." Planning is underway for a raised bed garden.
           Touring the Library
The housing, adapted from the previous use as a hotel, accommodates four people per double room, known as casitas. Rooms have plaques on the door to thank the room's sponsoring organization. Children also live onsite.
Gospel Rescue Mission Programs and Activities:
  • GRM's Shelter Program and Recovery Program have a total bed capacity for the two facilities of 409 beds. During the pandemic, the center was at half capacity but never closed.
  • Smart Schools for people to obtain high school diplomas.
  • A new partnership will bring Pima Community College classes onsite for culinary skills training.
  • The Donation Center provides clothing and furniture for people who are moving into places of their own.
  • Classes, group sessions and ministering are available for residents, who are often off-site for school and jobs.
  • The Genesis Process for recovery looks at why people choose destructive behaviors and how brain processes affect choices.
  • Every GRM guest is assigned an advocate to work with, to achieve recovery and get out of homelessness.
  • Women in recovery are at GRM's Women's Recovery Center on the north side of Tucson. Women commit to a year-long recovery program. 
Kino Members Tour a Converted Room
When asked what kind of help GRM needs, Mr. Brown said friends could, first of all, pray; donate funds since GRM is funded entirely by private donations; and volunteer - it could be once a week, once a month, or as a group to serve and clean up after meals. 
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