Shelter Box has sent 22,000 Boxes to Haiti and more on the way.
Dear friends, Steve Gibson, of Boulder, Colorado will depart on July 29 for Haiti to deliver much needed tents and water purification to earthquake survivors. This will mark the first deployment for Gibson as a highly trained ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member. ShelterBox has been an instrumental part of providing shelter in Haiti since two days after the earthquake struck. In that time more than 22,000 ShelterBoxes have been delivered to the people of Haiti with more on the way. "With the combination of physical and mental challenges of working effectively as a volunteer in a disaster zone," said Gibson, "and the amazing connection of delivering shelter, warmth and a renewed sense of dignity in person to the survivors of disaster, being a ShelterBox Response Team member is an opportunity that I'm fortunate to be able to pursue." To read the full account, please continue to