Rising Star: Jessica Holbrook, D-Y Regional High School
Josh Clarkin, of the D-Y Guidance Department, called upon the enthusiasms of his professional experience to illuminate the plethora of reasons why Jessica Holbrook is a Rising Star. Starting with the profile of her academic prowess (GPA of 3.69 and 12th in her class of 179), Josh outlined examples of Jessica’smeeting challenges, high intellect, and work ethic.” An observer would note that she has to be an outstanding time manager: holding down two jobs, has a black belt in Tai Kwando, is president of the National Honor Society, Student Ambassador, secretary of her Class of 2017, president of the Art Club, member of the National Art Society, and winner of the Regis College Book Award.
She not only is a student who does these things well, but Jesse does them with “passion and purpose,” pushing herself to grow in all aspects of life. While holding herself to high expectations, she exhibits an empathetic approach to everyone else. Her career plans for becoming a Nurse are well on their way with a full scholarship to UMass Boston’s Nursing Program. Jessica, in response to her introduction, said there was “nothing left to say.” She then proceeded to laud credit to Mom, other parents, D-Y’s opportunities, clubs and volunteers, the Class of 2007, teachers, the School to Careers Program, and interning at the Cape Cod Hospital. “It will be quite difficult to leave.”