Welcome to the Rotary Club of Montgomery Village website. You may be asking "What is the Rotary Club of Montgomery Village?", "Who Joins a Rotary Club" and "What is the purpose of a Rotary Club?"
Rotary is an international volunteer service organization focused on fulfilling community needs both locally and internationally. Much of our work is done by working closely with other local community service organizations.  Our members are men and women of varying ages who come from a wide range of professions with a common goal of working together.
The major part of Rotary is the opportunity to serve the community through the use of one’s skills, experience and enthusiasm. Equally important, however, are the lifelong friendships and professional and business connections that are fostered between Rotarian members, their families and the communities in which they serve. Rotarians readily identify with each other nationally and internationally and once someone joins the Rotary family, he or she can “visit” any other club worldwide.  
The Rotary Club of Montgomery Village is a friendly place where you will meet a group of professionals who enjoy sharing their knowledge and working together for a common cause. The projects undertaken are both big and small and can accommodate every one’s interests. Please take a moment to read about our upcoming events and projects. Each week, members come to a meeting not only to enjoy a meal together and to conduct the business of the Club but also for continuing education. The Club invites different speakers to every meeting to keep Rotarians informed about issues affecting the community, nation and world.
If you are interested in learning more about Rotary service or you have been looking to join a volunteer group but didn’t know where to start, or maybe you are just curious about how a voluntary service organization could use your skills, come and join us for breakfast. We can we provide that information. I guarantee you an enthusiastic welcome and a fun time.
Priscilla Kinnear
Past President (2014-2015)