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The Rotary Club of Montgomery Village was chartered December 7, 1982. Our club has been a vibrant part of the Montgomery Village community.

Whose idea was it to build Montgomery Village?

It all began with architect and visionary Clarence Kettler. He asked his two brothers, Milton and Charles, to join him, and in 1952 they started Kettler Brothers, Incorporated. The Kettler brothers built Montgomery Village after Clarence had the idea of building a special town. He looked around Gaithersburg, where there were numerous farms. In 1962, they bought the Walker Farm in Gaithersburg, the first piece of land to become part of Montgomery Village. They also bought other farms (listed below). Look at a Montgomery Village map to see if you can find these names now being used in Montgomery Village. Don't forget to include the Walker Farm. Here's one hint: Walkers Choice apartments were named after Grover and Ralph Walker who owned the Walker Farm before they sold it to the Kettlers.

  • Thomas Farm
  • The Brothers Mills
  • The French Farm
  • The Patton Farm
  • The Fulks Farm
  • The Wilson Farm
  • The James Walter Deppa property

The Walker Farm was the largest of all the properties the Kettlers bought. It was 412 acres and now is Walkers Choice, Cider Mill, Horizon Run, Christopher Court, Dockside, Nathan's Hill, Millrace, the library, the day care center, Montgomery Village Plaza Bayberry, the Verandahs, Grover's Forge, Lake Whetstone, South Valley Park and part of Lakeforest Mall.


The Village today

Today, Montgomery Village has more than 40,000 residents and celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2016.  The Montgomery Village Foundation, Inc. has nurtured and sustained the growth of the Village as well as expanded its ownership of public land for the benefit of all residents, which now totals more than 330 acres.

The Foundation owns and operates seven pools, 22 tennis courts, four community centers, 18 recreation and park areas, a natural amphitheater and nature center. Year round, the Department of Recreation, Parks and Culture offers a variety of programs for all ages and during the summer sponsors a community wide Fourth of July parade and celebration and concerts at the amphitheater.