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February 2018
 Effingham Sunrise Rotary   Effingham, IL
Club Information

Welcome to our club!

Effingham Sunrise

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
First Baptist Church
213 W. Fayette Avenue
(Mailing Address: PO Box 1152, Effingham)
Effingham, IL  62401
United States
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Home Page Stories
Guests:  Nora Cekander, daughter of Matt Cekander
Vocational Bio - Tracy Burton:  Tracy has lived in Effingham for 7 years, moving here from Chicago.  She is married with one daughter and sells Signature Home Styles.
Buzzworthy - End of Year Buzzworthy Program was voted on with 13 programs in the running.  Results to come later.
50/50 Drawing:  Ruth Bray was the winner of $16 and donated her winnings to the CEO Program.  Thank you Ruth!
  • Thank you from Adam Butts for those who worked at the County Fair.
  • Tree Project Committee - moving forward with grant
  • Rotary Leadership Institute - Decatur - Saturday, August 19th
Program Chair:  Kevin Miller
Program:  Lutheran Care Center
Karen Hillle, Director
Emily Miller, Admissions and Marketing Director
Marsha Nolan, Activity Director
The Lutheran Care Center was originally built by Dr. D.G. Huelskoetter in 1969.  The Center is a skilled care facility which is licensed for 96 beds.  They have 140 employees.  Three challenges Karen spoke of are:  Medicaid Program, new regulations and work force shortage.  The Goal of Lutheran Care is "Person centered care according to their needs and wants." 
The complex consists of:
     Care Center
     Luther Villas (single family and duplex homes designed for maintenance-free living)
     Luther Terrace (senior living apartments)
     Lutheran Care Center Kids Enrichment Center (licensed childcare facility)
     Family Gathering Center built by Dr. Huelskoetter (building is free for anyone to host events, donations accepted)
Guests:     none
Vocational Bio:   Adam Butts, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones for 10 years.  Adam is married and a father of three.  He is also a Past President of Rotary.
50/50 Drawing:  Jeff Milhbachler was the winner of $11.00
Upcoming Events / Announcements:
  • County Fair - if you have signed up to work please meet at the fair office.  Wear Rotary shirt. 
  • Tree Project Committee - Monday - noon - lunch at Joe's Sippers
  • Rotary Leadership Institute - Decatur - Saturday, August 19th
  • Resignation from Rotary - Brett Seagle
  • Need Greeter for next week/Program August 22nd -  contact President Tracy
Program Chair:  Carrie Crippin, Asst. District Governor
Program:  District Governor, Larry Howell
President Tracey was presented a new banner with the theme for this Rotary Year - "Making A Difference"
District Governor Howell is from the Arcola Rotary Club.  He began his Rotary journey in September, 2010.  He praised his Rotary mentor in encouraging him to move on in the club.  Within two months of becoming a Rotarian, he was President-Elect and then went on to become the District Governor.  As he travels to all the Clubs, he enjoys meeting the members, see what they are doing in the community and how it impacts the community.
He uses six (6) words to express what Rotary does:  PEOPLE OF ACTION MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  This is why he joined Rotary!
Guests:  Phil Hartke, Effingham County Fair Board Member, who reviewed events of  Effingham County Fair on 8/1 - 8/12/17
             Miss Effingham County Fair Queen, Ashley Jamison, who spoke about her experiences this past year as reigning Queen
             Jane Summers, technical consultant of Rick Siemer
50/50 drawing:  Mel Stock was the winner of $11.00
Vocational Bio:  Kevin Miller, a corn and bean farmer, who also has a great peach crop.  If anyone would like to place an order with him, give him a call!  He will donate any sale proceeds to the Rotary Foundation.
Upcoming Events/Announcements:
     Effingham County Fair - Adam Butts has sent out the Workers List
     Rotary Leadership Institute - Decatur - Saturday, August 19th
Program Chair:  Jeff Mihlbacher
Program:  Rick and Diane Siemer, The Holy Land
Rick and Diane went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in March, 2017. 
The first city they visited was Jerusalem.  There they went to the church of the Holy Sepulture  which is the site of the tomb of Jesus.  Other places they experienced are:
     Attended 6 a.m. Mass in church, which Rick stated was a powerful experience
     Carried cross through streets of Jerusalem
     Garden of Gethsemane
     Church of the Nativity
     Birthplace of Jesus and  site of the manger
     Shepherd's Fields
     Jordan River where Rick and Diane were baptized
     Western Wall
     Cana where they renewed their marriage vows
     Sea of Galilee
Rick says they pray that the trip has changed them.  What an inspirational trip.  Thank you to the Siemers for sharing this wonderful experience with us.
Guests:  none
50/50 Drawing:  Doug Collins was the winner of $13.00.
     Change over meeting June 27th
Program Chair:  Jerry Jansen
Bent Key Escape
   Steve Niemerg
A new business concept opened in Effingham this spring, which is very popular in bigger cities.  Bent Key Escape opened about 5 weeks ago, offering customers the challenge to escape a room in one hour.  Teammates receive three hints to escape the theme room and have an hour to get the job done.  Currently there are three themed rooms. Groups of 2 - 12 people can enjoy the challenge. 
Bent Key is located on West Jefferson St.  Book a room visit   
Guests:  Daniel Riquelme introduced his guest, Tim Hill
50/50 Drawing:  Darrell Lewis was the winner of $9.00.
     Golf Outing on May 12th
     International Food Fair on April 30th
     Paul Harris Fellow Matching funds - contact President Adam for information
Program Chair:  Sandy Croft
NAMI (National Alliance Mental Illness)
     Ed Blumer and Sue Heth
NAMI of Effingham County was founded in June 2014 with a goal of providing education and support to those living in the community and surrounding areas who are affected by loved ones with mental illness.  One in five adults suffer from mental illness.  This organization gives support, education, are advocates and also do research.  The organization meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Effingham Library from 5 - 7 p.m.  Each meeting has a guest speaker.  Guests are welcome to take a brown bag supper.
Sue Heth, a licensed clinical social worker, gave the story of her son who was born perfect, had a skateboard accident, hit his head and suffered a head injury.  After the accident he suffered some mental health issues.  Ed also shared the story of his son's life.   NAMI is a French word for "friend".  Everything with NAMI is free.  The funds they receive come from United Way of Effingham County and Koboldt Trust. 
Sue or Ed can be reached via email at
Thank you for sharing your stories!!
Guests:     Proposed member Jeff Fuesting
50/50 Drawing - Supports CEO Program:    Winner of $8 was Alan Davis who donated his winnings back to the CEO Program
    a.  Comedy Night @ EIU Feb. 25th
    b.  Tickets for the Sweetheart Raffle will be available next week to sell.  Drawing will be live on WXEF Radio on Tuesday, February 28 at 4:20 pm
Program Chair:  Tracy Burton
Program:  Effingham County Humane Society
Tracy introduced Karen Grupe who is the Operations Manager of the Humane Society.  She has been in that position for 4 1/2 years.  Cody Hoene, volunteer through CEFS Program, was also introduced.  Special guest was Dia, a dog who is soon being adopted.  The mission of the Humane Society is to seek a "forever home" for the cats and dogs they receive .  The shelter is located at Funkhouser in the old Funkhouse School.  The shelter can hold 15 dogs and 60 cats.  They have taken care of more than that number bur currently there are only three dogs in the shelter and a few cats.
     - They are a no kill shelter
     - Only accept animals from Effingham County
     - Have over 100 volunteers
     - 2 part-time staff members
     - Adoptions require completion of application and $175 fee
     - Will adopt out to 350 miles
     - Some animals have Sponsors who pay their fees until adopted
The major fundraiser the shelter has is "Mardi Gras Gala" held on March 24, 2017.
Abby Stock, Mel's daughter
50/50 Drawing: 
$32 Total - $16 to CEO Program and $16 to Doug Collins
  • December 13 - Sunrise Christmas Party.  To participate in the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange, bring a $10 gift.
  • December 20 - Assisted Living Visits.  Matt Cekander will send out a schedule soon.
  • President Adam has updated the 2017 program list.  Look online to find your program date and let Adam know if you have a conflict.
  • Copies of the District Rotary newsletter were on the tables today.
Programs for November were voted upon.
Program Chair:  Jay Wallace
Program:  City of Effingham, 2016 ITEP Grant, Jeremy Heuerman
Jeremy Heuerman is the City Engineer for Effingham.  The City was recently awarded a federal grant of nearly $1M from the ITEP (Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program) Grant. Over the past eleven years, six miles of trails outside the city have been developed. This grant will be used to provide bike paths and signage downtown and on city streets. The new bike lanes can be used as an alternative means of transportation to shopping districts, restaurants and parks.  The City and TREC are partnering to split costs involved with the grant match.  Construction and implementation is planned for 2017.
Guests:   Chris Kabbes, proposed member
Buzzworthy:  Winner for July program was Jeff Long (Darrell Lewis, Publisher of Effingham Daily News)
50/50 drawing:  Doug Collins won $14.00
     October 30th Halloween Parade
Program Chair:  Beth Heuerman introduced the program in Brett Seagle's absence
Program:           Dr. Kody Adams, New Health Chiropractic
Dr. Kody started working the Dr. Justin Pals at New Health Chiropractic in 2014.  He grew up in Olney, IL and graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic.  The practice offers a variety of treatments ranging from adjustments, soft tissue treatments, rehabilitation and Kinesio tape.  In addition, Dr. Justin works with allergies and also with children. 
Dr. Kody informed us that the average American sits 13 hours in a normal day.  Also, children from the age of 8-18 are in front a screen for 7-8 hours.  We don't move enough.  Also, when we move we do it poorly and don't perform any body maintenance.  Things we can do to combat 13 hours a day of sitting are:
  1.      Don't sit so much
  2.      For every 30 miniutes of sitting spend two minutes moving.
  3.      Optimize sitting when you do have to sit.
  4.      Body maintenance - one tool a person can use is a tennis ball
Guests:  none
50/50 Drawing:  Adam Butts was the winner of $13.00 and donated the funds to the 100 Club. 
     October 30th - Halloween Parade (workers list coming soon)
Kathy Schroeder presented a check in the amount of $265 to the Rotary 100 Club which was proceeds of her Rotary Girls Night Out.
Membership - A list of Classifications needed to be filled are:
Air Conditioning & Heating
Program Chair:  Gary Rogers
Program:  C.E.F.S. Head Start
Nichole Gardewine, Family and Community Engagement Manager and Alicia Karnck, Infant/Toddler Health Specialist
CEFS serves children and families in seven counties promoting programs from birth to five years old.  It is a federal-funded program and has been in existence since 1965.  The Birth to Five Program provides classroom and home-based services to pregnant women and children birth to age five.  The children are provided education, health, nutrition, social and other services.  The program also works with the parents to encourage family time. There is no charge for enrollment and no fees are charged for any services provided to children and families. 
Currently CEFS is providing services to 502 children in the seven counties.  Effingham county has 100 preschoolers and 40 children in the early head start program.  The community can help support CEFS in several ways.  Volunteers are always needed as well as assistance in their Family Connections/Public Relations Program.  They have a list of donation items that can be used in the classroom.
For more information in ways to help, call 1-866-1900 x139 or TEXT 217-663-7822
Guests:  Carrie Crippin, Noon Rotarian
50/50 Drawing:  Jerry Jansen was the winner of $11.00
     October 30th - Halloween Parade (workers list was sent to members)
     Membership - Jim Hecht distributed a list of former members to possibly contact to see if they may want to return to the Club.
Program Chair:  Kathy Schroeder
Program:  The Turquoise Progect by Lauren VanNatta
Lauren is the creator of The Turquoise Project.  The mission of the project is to help break the stigma and silence of TTC and miscarriages, which are often experienced by husbands and wives.  In the summer of 2014 Lauren and her husband began trying to start a family.  They soon discovered they would have a battle with infertility.  During the times of infertility, Lauren decided to use photography and communication to help open up the dialogue on infertility and pregnancy loss by creating a portrait series.  This is when she began The Turquoise Project.  Turquoise has long been associated with expression and healing.  The intention of the portrait series is to help others heal through expression and by putting a voice to their stories.  Currently Lauren has 28 stories and 28 portraits in the project.  Congratulations to Lauren and her husband, as they are expecting a baby in February, 2017!!!
Guests:    Theresa McCloy - guest of Eric Splechter
                 Cassie Vahling, daughter of Julie Vahling, who was celebrating her 16th Birthday
50/50 Drawing:  Winner of $16.00 was Paul Rhodes
Buzzworthy:      Top 5 Programs for 2015-2016 Rotary Year
                    First Place:  Kevin Gouchenouer Program - Randy Ervin, Arthor of "An Ordinary Day"
                    Second:      Paula Jones  -  Col. Greg Green, Vice Commander, Scott Air Force Base
                    Third:         Alan Davis  -  Accuracy Firearms, Kurt Davis and Levi Slater
                    Fourth:       Rick Siemer  -  Kolkata India - A Missionary Perspective
                    Fifth:          Holly Bray -  Phil's Friends
     October 30th - Halloween Parade
     November 8th -Meeting will be off-site due to election and church is a poling place
     The Board voted to make a $250 donation to the church to update their audio equipment
     The Board approved switching bank accounts from 5/3 Bank to Midland States Bank due to no member is from 5/3 Bank.
     December 13 is annual Christmas Party during the meeting.
     December 20th will be Assisted Living visits
Program Chair:  Dan Requelme
Program:  Family Life Center Executive Director, Tammy Shull
The Family Life Center is a non-for-profit Christian ministry, which has been in operation in Effingham County for 21 years.  Their current location is 605 Eden Ave., which is on property donated to them 10 years ago.  Tammy says they are quickly outgrowing this building, as they are looking at expanding their services.  The Life Center also operates Silk Purse Thrift Store in a building purchased in January, 2016.  Profits from the thrift store support the center, as well as an annual Fundraiser Banquet held in September.    Services that the Life Center offers are pregnancy tests, limited ultra-sound, prenatal education, Dad's class, Teen Mother Connection and Life Skills Workshops.  In the future a program for STD testing, which the employees are currently training.
March 22, 2016
Help promote the Effingham Sunrise Rotary club in the community!  Like us on:
  Effingham Illinois Sunrise Rotary
Guests & Visitors:  Dave Mahon and Troy Davis, guests of Alan Davis
50/50 Drawing:  Bill Elving won $15
Greeter next week is:   Jim Arndt
Program will be: Bill Elving - An update on the P2D2 Program
Welcome to our newest members!  Jim Hecht reported that the winners of the membership drive are Brett Seagle for sponsoring Tonya Blair.  Brett donated h is winnings back to Sunrise Rotary.  He also said the committee is going to continue the drive from now until September.  A New Member Orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, at 5:30 pm at West & Company.  John Vogt is smoking pork so please let Jim Hecht know if you plan to attend.
New members, remember to upload a profile picture on the club website!
Announcements and Important Dates: 
  • Resignation received from Jim Rutledge , who will be transferring to Noon Club.
  • District Conference, April 29 and 30 at the Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Normal
  • Romania GSE Team will be the program for April 19
  • Rotary International Food Fair is on Sunday, April 17, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Tickets were handed out at the meeting.
  • Ron Shettler is looking for host families for the GSE Team.  Please let President Becky know if you are interested.
  • District 2490 RYLA will be held April 15-17 at 4-H Camp at Allerton Park near Monticello.  Effingham Sunrise will sponsor two participants and Noon will sponsor 5.
Program:  Randy Ervin, author of “An Ordinary Day”.
Randy Ervin, Lake Land College Campus Chief of Police, and author of “An Ordinary Day”, described his journey of researching the background of routine traffic stop that took the life of Trooper Layton Davis.  Mr. Ervin recounted the numerous interviews he conducted including the two convicted of the killing.
He signed copies of the book following the meeting, that are being sold for $20. 
March 15, 2016
Help promote the Effingham Sunrise Rotary club in the community!  Like us on:
  Effingham Illinois Sunrise Rotary
Guests & Visitors:  Abby Stock, Tonya Blair, Noon Rotarian
50/50 Drawing:  Sandy Croft won $13 and donated back to the Rotary 100 Club
Greeter next week is:   Bill Elving
Program will be: Randy Ervin, Author of “An Ordinary Day, The Story of Trooper Layton Davis”
Welcome to our newest members!  Jim Hecht reported that the winners of the membership drive will be announced next week.  He also said the committee is going to continue the drive from now until September.  A New Member Orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, at 5:30 pm at West & Company.
New members, remember to upload a profile picture on the club website!
Announcements and Important Dates: 
  • District Conference, April 29 and 30 at the Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Normal
  • Romania GSE Team will be the program for April 19
  • Rotary International Food Fair is on Sunday, April 17, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Tickets were handed out at the meeting.
District 2490 RYLA will be held April 15-17 at 4-H Camp at Allerton Park near Monticello
RYLA- Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a weekend long camp that takes place at Allerton Park just outside of Monticello. This program is available to sophomore, juniors and seniors in high school that reside in Rotary District 6490. You can have a local Rotary Club sponsor you or if there is not a Rotary Club in your area, we do have some scholarships available.
This is a leadership development camp where the participants learn to communicate with and trust others. They will work on a variety of tasks to help develop them into future leaders. They learn about volunteering, how to start a business and much more. The program is divided by each class. The sophomores spend time learning about their personalities and how to work effectively with others, the juniors do resume building and mock interviews. The seniors learn more about the world through Shelter Box, learning about government and other topics. All three age groups get to have fun too.  During the day each group will also get to experience either the high ropes course, rock climbing wall, a zip line or the boat brigade where you work as a team to build a boat and then race it in the water!
Rotary wants to help the leaders of the future better themselves and this camp is a great way to accomplish that. They will gain self-esteem, confidence and will meet many teens their age in the district. We want everyone to come back each year so they can experience all three years at RYLA. The curriculum is different each year, they can meet up with their friends and learn new skills to use for their futures.  If interested contact Tiffany DeSpain at for more information or go to the District website  All of the paperwork is there for you to print out.
This year’s dates are April 15-17, 2016. The early bird deadline is February 19 and the final deadline is March 18. The fee for this program is $165 per participant. The clubs would pay this, however, $50 will be kept for participants that are no shows and that have not called in before April 11. There are three different opportunities for a discount. Get your applications in early!
Tiffany DeSpain, District 6490 RYLA Chair
Program:  Club Assembly
President Adam Butts announced that he is planning a strategic planning session in May and encouraged members to contact him if they would like to participate.  He also asked the club members if they valued Club Assembly.  The general consensus was that is provided committee a good time to meet and eliminated the need to schedule additional meetings, and also provided a timely format for current club activities.  The Club requested that regular updates from the Board of Directors be included in the Club Assembly agenda.
 Chartered 1994
Sandy Croft
Feb 27, 2018
Greeter: Matt Cekander
Quarterly Club Update
Mar 06, 2018
Greeter: Nathan Earnest
Matt Cekander
Mar 13, 2018
Greeter: Doug Collins
Doug Collins
Mar 20, 2018
Greeter: Sandy Croft
Becky Brown
Mar 27, 2018
Greeter: Matt Dasenbrock
Matt Dasenbrock
Apr 03, 2018
Greeter: Alan Davis
Alan Davis
Apr 10, 2018
Greeter: Bill Elving
Bill Elving
Apr 17, 2018
Greeter: Chad Ely
Chad Ely
Apr 24, 2018
Greeter: Jeff Fuesting
Jeff Fuesting
May 01, 2018
Greeter: Kevin Gouchenouer
Kevin Gouchenouer
May 08, 2018
Greeter: TBD
May 15, 2018
Greeter: Jim Hecht
Jim Hecht
May 22, 2018
Greeter: Joedy Hightower
Joedy Hightower
May 29, 2018
Greeter: Joe Holomy
Quarterly Club Update
Jun 05, 2018
Greeter: Jim Arndt
Joe Holomy
Jun 12, 2018
Greeter: Jerry Jansen
Jerry Jansen
Jun 19, 2018
Greeter: Paula Jones
Annual Changeover Meeting
Jun 26, 2018
Greeter: Landon Etheridge
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