Posted by Gordon Lewis on May 19, 2019
 Picture is of our Project Amigo Student, Alondra with Edith Martin, Secretary of Project Amigo Canada. This picture was taken at a Work Week in December, 2018.  A number of members of the Rotary Club of Edmonton NE participated in this amazing experience. I encourage all our members to investigate and sign up for an experience of a lifetime.  Project Amigo Workweek in Cofridia, Colima, Mexico.  
Latest Google translated letter from Alondra - May 2019- in the Read More area
Dear godparents Nisku & Leduc Rotary Club

 I greet you with great pleasure, hoping that you will be very well and thanking you with all my heart for the scholarship that you offer me to continue with my studies. I am very happy to know about your work and that you have enjoyed your stay here, I hope to see you soon.
At school I have done very well this month, although a little tired. Next week we will have exams and I am very nervous, I hope to have good results like the last one, and improve as much as possible. This partial we had the module "Digestive", is a very interesting device all its physiology and physiopathology; It is composed of several organs, for that reason the study of their diseases is very surprising.

I am very happy, because at the beginning of the holidays they offered me work in a café in Cofradía, it is called "La Casita del Café", as a waitress on Sundays and washing dishes during the week. The owner when she gave me the job, I wonder if after the holidays I could keep going, and I answered yes, only one day and if it could be a better weekend. During the holidays I worked, I tried to give my best, so they would see if I was interested in the job, and they would give me the job after the holidays. Fortunately yesterday they asked me if it was okay for me to work on Sundays in the afternoon, and of course I said yes. I will put everything on my part so that it will not harm me at school and have the same or better results. Being simple I like it a lot, I feel very active and I am happy to be able to give good service, although it is a bit tired, at the end of the day everything has its reward. I also feel that it is a very good opportunity to be able to contribute something to my family.

Unfortunately, the teacher who helped my mother to do the cleaning of his home died recently, his departure continues to hurt a lot, because he was a very good person, despite not being a family member, we felt just as close.

In my family fortunately everything has been very good, the only drawback was that about two weeks ago my dad hurt the nerves of his right hand, that prevented him from doing several things, but still I do not stop working. The employer of his new job paid him a medical consultation in a private hospital, very well recognized here in Colima, he was recommended therapy and injections, apparently his prognosis is very good and he will recover soon.

Well, I say goodbye to you, sending you my best wishes, accompanied by a big hug and a warm greeting; thanking you once again for the great support you have given me. THANK YOU!