Posted by Gord Lewis on Nov 26, 2018
Please find to follow a bio on our Project Amigo sponsored student.  Also, the READ MORE icon below will take you her latest letter ( Google Translated). We have also posted a number of pictures about Project Amigo and Alondra in the Photo Album section of this web page.
Dear godparents Nisku & Leduc Rotary Club

I greet you with great pleasure, hoping that you will be very well and thanking you with all my heart for the scholarship that they offer me to continue with my studies.

 In school I did very well, much better than the first semesters, and most importantly, I learned a lot from my teachers. Last week was the week of the doctor in my faculty, sincerely, the Faculty of Medicine has always stood out for being one of the best faculties of the University of Colima, and it has shown in all the events and achievements it has had. On the occasion of the day of the doctor, a special week is organized, in which conferences, workshops, recreational events are held and ends with a gala dinner, the latter is optional. The week is organized by the seventh semester students, they have to get the funds and organize all the activities, it is a very difficult task, of which they have a year to make it possible; When I get to seventh, I'll play and I hope it's the best week. Attach some photos of the week so they can see it and also some links of videos that were uploaded on the Facebook page of the University of Colima.

 This year in the doctor's week, I felt very intelligent because I could understand 70% of what was being talked about in the conferences, compared to when I was in first, that I did not understand anything. I am also happy to have reached a place in the workshops I wanted, which was "Orotracheal intubation" and "legal medicine". I learned a lot in those workshops and the best thing is that I know how to intubate.
 My family is very well and most importantly in very good health. These days we have not had much time to live, because of the school and work of my father and mother, but I hope that on vacation there is more time to talk and do what we like.

I say goodbye to you by sending my best wishes, accompanied by a big hug and a warm greeting; thanking you once again for the great support you have given me. THANK YOU!