Rotary International issued the Charter creating the Rotary Club of Oakwood on August 27 1980. Don Treiman, a Kettering Rotarian, was the principle force behind the creation of this new club. Ably assisted by Ed Saslow, another Kettering Rotarian, Treiman secured the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Dayton and worked the myriad of details required to launch a new Rotary Club.

The Charter Members of the Rotary Club of Oakwood are identified on accompanying pages. Only Treiman and Saslow had previously been Rotarians. 
Initially meetings were held at the Patterson Restaurant located on Patterson Boulevard across from the original entrance to Carillon Park. (This building was razed in the mid-1980s.) As the Club grew, the Friday morning meetings were moved to the Faculty Dining Room in the Kennedy Union on the University of Dayton campus early in 1981. Membership outgrew the Kennedy Union in 1983 and the Marriott Hotel became home until 1991 when the move to Neil's Heritage House occurred.
In 2007 the meetings were moved to the Dayton Country Club, where they remain to the present day.