Oakwood Rotary Application for Membership Instructions

Thank you for your interest in joining the Rotary. Joining the Oakwood Rotary Club is a great way to get involved in the community and meet some great people!

The application/approval process is simple:

1. Attend a meeting with a Rotarian--see what we are all about.

2. Attend at least 3 meetings with your sponsor (Any meetings you have attended to this point are valid).

3. Complete application

4. Membership Director receives the Proposal for Membership form from your sponsor.

5. Classification Chairman determines appropriate classification

6. Board of Directors reviews the application for membership.

7. If the board approves your application, your name is posted in the newsletter for 2 weeks (for the club membership to review).

8. If there are no objections from the general club membership, you will be inducted at the next regular club meeting.

9. Complete the new member orientation activities with your sponsor.



Contact Stefan Neumeister, Membership Chairman:


Oakwood Rotary Financial Obligation (as of June 1, 2016)

The Club year is July 1 - June 30, with members being billed (in advance) quarterly on the first of July, October, January, and April.

There is a Rotary initiation fee of $60.00. New members are also expected to purchase a Rotary shirt to wear at “That Day In May” (TDIM) and other appropriate Club events.


Annual dues are $110.00 and are billed quarterly, plus $500 Paul Harris contribution, which can be spread over 10 years.


There are two breakfast options. You can choose the option you want, but it can only be adjusted quarterly. 

1. Full breakfast buffet = $12.00 each week

2. Coffee and juice only = $5.50


Attendance at other Rotary Club meetings qualifies as a make-up and credit for that appears on the next quarterly statement

Each member is expected to support “That Day In May” by being responsible for the sale of (or the personal purchase of) Pancake and Chicken lunch tickets ($40.00 total).

Some social events are self-supporting (e.g. - golf outing = $75, Christmas party = $20 each) and the cost is typically advertised in advance. However, there are some social events that are paid for by the club.

When you attend a meeting, you will notice that the Sergeant of Arms “fines” people $1.00 for a number of reasons (mostly humorous.) Members also have the option to give a “happy” or “mad as hell” buck for a special announcement, so it’s always good to bring a few bucks with you to a meeting.

Cost detail:
One-time charge:
$60.00 initiation fee
$35.00 Rotary shirt (approximate cost)

Annual charges:
$40.00 TDIM tickets

Quarterly charge:
$27.50 dues
$12.50 Paul Harris
$156.00 full breakfast (13 x $12.00)


$71.50 coffee & juice only (13 x $5.50)

Social events .. billed according to participation

Cost summary: (not include member paid social events)

Full breakfast option
first year $919.00
each year to follow $824.00


Coffee & juice only option
first year $577.00
each year to follow $482.00