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November 7th we welcomed Cathy and Kim from the Rotary Employment Partnership Program!  They were also joined by Lloydminster Rotary club member, Tara Ferguson.  We learned about the history of the program, how it helps our community, and of course, how many future employees are looking for work.  There have been many successful matches made in the region through this program, and it is a wonderful collaboration between community, rotary and Inclusion Alberta.
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Border City Rotary is so proud of our member, Doreen McCaw for taking on two important roles!  First and foremost, she has taken over the role of Assistant District Governor for our "zone".  Secondly, our club is blessed with having four Past Presidents for the 2017-18 year leading Border City Rotary!  Doreen will be the first President, and her role will last until the end of September.  We are looking forward to an exciting year of growth and recommitment to what it means to be a Rotarian.
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So exciting to hear from Dr Jamal this morning. He is an inspiring member of our club. His recent trips or brigades to Nicaragua to provide free dental care and now glasses and of course drinking water to people of these villlages is so amazing. We are blessed to have him as a member of our club. 

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The Border City Rotary club hosted another very successful Irish Pub night on Saturday.  With just under 500 people in the room including patrons, sponsors, club members and volunteers, the club was thrilled with the attendance and support of the community.   Lenny the leprechaun (aka Les Hanson)did a fabulous job MC'ing the evening of very green Irish fun which included a performance by the The Jones Studio's of Highland Dance, the ever popular Riverdance competition, a variety of drinking games, Irish themed door prizes, all in between the rocking music sets of the Prairie Dogs!  The Irish booze ran out early in the evening, the band played 'till 2 am and the party finally shutdown by 2:30...lets just say there was a lot of fun had in town on Saturday night!  Winner of the work and leisure raffle was Jason Walker who is the proud owner of a new hot tub!  Penny Aston went home with the Wagon of Booze.  A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, patrons and volunteers for a Very successful night.

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Posted on Aug 11, 2014
Trisha Le, one of our newest members, enlightened us with her vocational today.  It was an amazing story of hardship as she overcame near death at the young age of one from Malaria and how her family sacrificed everything to leave their birth home in Vietnam to make a better home for themselves here in Canada.  Trisha never takes for granted where she came from and where she is now.  As a city planner and planning consultant she is helping to expand and beautify our city plus wants to contribute back to the community that she calls home.  Trisha's story is a very motivational and encouraging story for many and we are grateful to have such an amazing young lady in our club.  
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Posted on Aug 11, 2014
           Welcome to our three newest members of the Border City Rotary Club who were inducted today.  They are Trisha Le, Sharla Douglas and Bryan Myers. All three members are well established members in the community with an eagerness to contribute back to the community.  We look forward to your long membership with Rotary. 
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Saturday, March 15, 2014



Proceeds to support the Lloydminster Community Youth Centre. Work & Leisure raffle only 100 tickets to be sold! At the Stockade Convention Centre. Dinner & Cash Bar Doors Open- 5:30pm Supper- 6:30pm Show- 7:30pm For more information & tickets contact: Chris Liebel 780-205-1332 or Michelle Benning 780-871-2637 or Purchase your tickets from: La-Z-Boy Gallery | King's Husky | Century 21 | Meridian Booster | Tunes Music & Audio
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Posted by Penny Manners on Jun 12, 2013

This week the Border City Rotary Club heard from Desiree Naude. Ms. Naude told the club about her interest in the Antarctica, and her participation in an upcoming expedition.  She and a friend from Luxembourg are fundraising for the journey, named Icewalk 2014. 

In her presentation, Ms. Naude mentioned that currently Antarctica is protected by the Antarctic Environmental Protocol, (a.k.a. the Madrid Protocol), which delcares that Antarctica is to be used for scientific and peaceful reasons only.  Exploration of resources and military activity such as nuclear testing are forbidden. This treaty will be open for review in 2041 and many countries have already declared their intention to explore for natural resources. Such exploration would change the pristine environment, and would be fatal for the existing ecosystem.

With this in mind, ICEWALK ASBL, a non-for-profit organization, has created the unique educational program “Leadership on the Edge” that is organized by the renowned organization www.2041.com and offers more than 70 young people from around the world the opportunity to participate in an annual expedition to Antarctica. 

Ms. Naude is a highly motivated young volunteer who is devoting her energy and time to this unique purpose that has an incredibly strong impact on our future. If you would like more information, or to find out how to sponsor Desiree Naude, please contact her via:  desiree_n_123@hotmail.com

We look forward to welcoming Ms. Naude back safely from her journey.  -PM-

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Posted by Penny Manners
Pat Horton joined us this morning to share the latest information about the new Synergy Credit Union building.  This 60,000 square foot office space is being built to LEED standards, which means a focus on increased energy efficiency, long term durability of the building, and increased conservation.  The foundation is projected to start very soon on this 76 week build.  The projected opening date is January 2015. Synergy Credit Union will keep their 50 Street location for administrative offices.  -PM-
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