This week the Border City Rotary Club heard from Desiree Naude. Ms. Naude told the club about her interest in the Antarctica, and her participation in an upcoming expedition.  She and a friend from Luxembourg are fundraising for the journey, named Icewalk 2014. 

In her presentation, Ms. Naude mentioned that currently Antarctica is protected by the Antarctic Environmental Protocol, (a.k.a. the Madrid Protocol), which delcares that Antarctica is to be used for scientific and peaceful reasons only.  Exploration of resources and military activity such as nuclear testing are forbidden. This treaty will be open for review in 2041 and many countries have already declared their intention to explore for natural resources. Such exploration would change the pristine environment, and would be fatal for the existing ecosystem.

With this in mind, ICEWALK ASBL, a non-for-profit organization, has created the unique educational program “Leadership on the Edge” that is organized by the renowned organization and offers more than 70 young people from around the world the opportunity to participate in an annual expedition to Antarctica. 

Ms. Naude is a highly motivated young volunteer who is devoting her energy and time to this unique purpose that has an incredibly strong impact on our future. If you would like more information, or to find out how to sponsor Desiree Naude, please contact her via:

We look forward to welcoming Ms. Naude back safely from her journey.  -PM-