Note from Gerry Marcotte - I thought you might want to know that just yesterday I mailed a cheque in to Laura for 1,066.73 which is for funds raised by Emilia (Swan City club) & Aleksander (Gr. Pr. club) here in Grande Prairie. I believe the Gr. Pr. club previously sent in a cheque on their behalf also for about 300.00. So I am quite pleased that they met and exceeded the targeted goal set by the district.
Perhaps of more interest to you, and it should be noted. Emilia & Aleksander had help from Silvi Roses who was very instrumental in helping them achieve their goals. Silvi stepped forward on her own initiative as a stranger to us (she did know one person in our club, thus the contact with our club) to reach out to our club as she wanted to volunteer & work with the exchange students in whatever way possible. One might wonder her motive? Silvi is a past exchange student from Argentina who did her exchange approx. 10 years ago with the Fairview Rotary Club and still today she is excited about the program and how it has helped her grow through the years. Silvi just recently married her host brother after many years of being away, but apparently distance and time kindled and tugged at the heart strings of a long ago relationship that was formed during her exchange. Silvi now lives in Grande Prairie and we are so fortunate now to have her involvement with our students. She brings so much experience and enthusiasm!! Silvi, I hope you don't mind me sharing some of your personal life. But your story is awesome, and you are awesome:) Thank you for your reaching out to all of us! Gerry Marcotte Swan City RC