The Food Bank Drive was a heart warming success and shows the generosity of the People of Grande Prairie and Sexsmith, and the fact that all we have to do is provide people with the opportunity to show their generous Spirit. Thank you, too, for your strong support. The Facts, as of Wednesday morning and keep in mind that all donations for the rest of this week will be credited to the Rotary Food Bank Drive, are: 2008:53,000 items At $1.89 avg cost per item = $100,170 value 2009: 81,500 items, an 89.2% increase At $1.89 avg cost per item = $154,035 + $273 cash I think that YOU; and the people of Grande Prairie and Sexsmith, and all Rotarians need to feel good about this project, and I firmly believe that these numbers will continue to grow as we provide the opportunity for people to give and to have Corporate Teams and Community Groups to participate. Thank you again. Ken O'Shea