Stop Hunger Now - now officially called Rising Against Hunger  (we were the last event for SHN to use that name and they have now moved to new branding of RAH) is officially over for 2017! We set records and we raised the bar higher than any others. Congratulations Rotary Club of Grande Prairie for stepping up and bringing the community along with you.  
The intent of this event is not only to feed under privileged people in a 3rd world country, but it is also a huge Community investment here at home. We are building community when we are able to bring together over 1000 people for one purpose and goal.  There was so much fellowship and friendship happening during the event in that room. People were dancing and sharing stories of how they were in need at one point and now want to give back and pay it forward to others. There were volunteers who were the first to arrive, stayed all day, and were the last to leave. It was inspiring to see how so many wanted to give back! That is what this event really was meant for. Yes, there are many on the receiving end who benefit from this project, but the real satisfaction is right here at home, with our community and our club.  
We hosted over 1000 volunteers in a 12 hour period and we achieved what many thought couldn't be done - including Stop Hunger. We packaged 285,120 meals in ONE day. And we now officially are the first Canadian organization to have sent a full SeaCan overseas.  That SeaCan is now on its way to the Port of Vancouver and then off to Cambodia where it will reach its final destination at a lunch program for children in 3-6 weeks.  
The other goal was to ensure we wasted nothing. We sent 20 pallets of packaged food to Cambodia, we donated two cargo vans of donated food and left over rice, soy and dehydrated vegetables to the Salvation Army, and we donated 5 bags of spilled waste product to a local farmer and his piggies. There were a couple of packed box meals left which will be given to each of the Rotary Clubs so their members can experience a meal just as the Cambodians will experience. I hope you will think of them and what you have done for them,  as you try your bagged meal. I have attached a recipe given to me by the SHN Team that you could try with the bag.  
The event went off without a hitch!  The day-of event went exceptionally with all thanks going to the hardworking committee of  Fletcher Bootle, Tammy Fehr, Melissa Coloumbe, Patricia Millward, Bob Stewart, Don Whiteford, and Greg Podmore.  Thank you to all of you for making this such an incredible event! You guys rocked it.   Also big thanks to Kakwa Stone and Harry's Auto Wrecking who provided forklifts and manpower for two days of unloading and loading.  Also thank you to sponsors who contributed so much -   Ernie's Sports Experts, Nitehawk Ski Hill, Revolution Place, Tony Roma's, Safeway, Mr. Mikes, Pizza Hut and so many others. If you see these folks, please say thank you from us!
We of course had lots of support as well from the other Rotary Clubs of Grande Prairie including The Swan City Rotary Club who not only volunteered, but also contributed $5000.00 towards the project.  Also the Sunrise Rotary Club and After Five Rotary Club, along with Roteract and Interact were all out in full force bringing the volunteers. Thank you so much to all of them!