Recently the 2016 International Convention was held in Seoul, Korea.  I and 4 other members of the RCGP were fortunate enough to attend the convention. I was very lucky to have 8 other members and spounses of our club join me in Seoul. Kudos to Kevin and Jan Hilgers, Harry and Amar Sandhu, Doug Montgomery and Terry Lewis and Joanne Ballance for making trip as well.  I want to express my gratitude for this experience as the President Elect, I found it a valuable source of networking and knowledge for all things Rotary! 
Myself, I have attended several conventions throughout the years and this was by far one of the best Rotary Conventions I have attended. The break outs and keynotes were educational and inspirational!, The opportunity to attend as President Elect, certainly gave me a whole new perspective though, it provided me with a broader sense of both my responsibility but also my resources. I connected not only with fellow President Elects around the globe, but also with one right here in Grande Prairie, who I know I will be working with throughout the year, Karen Scribner from the Swan City Club.  I found it invaluable to be able to connect with other President Elects to share ideas and broaden my own scope of what our Rotary Club does do and can do in the future! Together, my new friends and fellow President Elects have made a pact to meet one year from now in Atlanta to share our Presidential Year of experiences! I can't wait! I know that Joanne Ballance,  our incoming Secretary,  echoes the benefits she got to experience by attending.  
No matter how many times a person attends a Convention, they always come away with a renewed sense of "Rotary" and a broadened view of how one person really can make a difference.  I invite everyone to try and attend a Rotary International Convention, no matter where you are in your Rotary journey. Why not join many of us who have already committed to attend the 2017 International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, or perhaps 2018 in Toronto, Ontario!  This is a great chance to get to know Rotary better as well as your fellow Rotarians, local and international friends alike. 
Thank you again, and here is to a great Rotary Year! 
President Elect