The Rotary Club is accepting funding requests from local community groups who want to be considered for our FALL 2023 community grants. Any group wishing to apply must follow all the steps on the application form. The Application Form can be downloaded from our website at
Requests will be accepted until October 6 and can be submitted to
Rotary Community Grant Funding Criteria
The following guidelines will apply:
  1. Non-profit and school groups located in Fort Saskatchewan have priority, but those based in the surrounding area may be considered if funds are available.
  2. Projects funded should be of benefit to the community at large and not an individual.
  3. Consideration will be given to the availability of other sources of funding – e.g., recreation projects may more appropriately apply for recreation grants.
  4. The fee structure and fundraising activities of the group will be taken into consideration.
  5. Each application will be decided on its merits, and this money should not be considered as ongoing funding for the group.
  6. Successful non-profits/schools agree to have their name and photo shared on our social media (Facebook, website, etc.).
Funding Preference will be given to Projects:
  1. That have a very clear beginning and ending.
  2. That an agency would not normally have undertaken without this.
  3. Which benefit the community as a whole.
The Group Must:
  1. Complete the Rotary Community Grant application form and include a project/event budget with their submission. Incomplete applications or applications without a project budget attached will not be considered for funding.
  2. Give recognition to the Rotary Club of Fort Saskatchewan in any publicity.
  3. Agree to attend a Rotary Club meeting to talk about their project and receive their cheque. The cheque presentation will involve a photo opportunity for publicity and social media use.
  4. If there are surplus funds upon completion of their project, notify the Rotary Club to discuss the return or re-allocation of the surplus funds.