Today's meeting was brought to us by the Party Train, under the direction of conductor Steve Hagenbaugh.  The conductor presented Queen Bev with an XL pair of green boxers in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  She was not too happy about the size, but an astute "potential member" sitting next to your web editor said "they must be children's size".  I think he deserves points before he even joins!

Anyone who is hosting the Guess Who's Coming to Dinner event gets 1,500 points and if you are attending you get 500.  


The next Blood Drive is March 24th.  Call Frank Lehmann to schedule your time!  Points are to won!


Special Olympics this weekend and Jerry Peters needs a little help.  Call him if you are available.


April 24th is a Rotary District Work Day and we are supposed to be installing smoke detectors.  The committee is working on this project and will be in touch.  Mark you calendar now.


Ducky Derby sponsorships are going pretty well but we still need money.  Contact all the people you do business with and ask them to be a sponsor.


RECOGNITION: Allyn Clark took yet another trip, this time to Texas with friends. Her walk on the San Antonio River Walk cost her $40.01.


Bill Wright was a great host for the RER in the 90's meeting, but he raised $300 for the Scholarship Program, not for the club.  Queen Bev was not happy about that and offered him an opportunity to contribute to the CLUB.  He coughed up the remainder of his recognition for the year.  $172.37.


The Bride to Bee and Tree Farmer, Sue Tiffany, will wed on September 4th and is already paying for it.  A whopping $94.10 for setting the date.


Trojan of the Month, or was that Sequoia Spartan of the Month?  Evan Delgado is the proud dad of a Sequoia Middle School Student of the Month (Spartan of the Month).  Queen Bev had the mascot a bit wrong.  Evan's 7th grade son was the recipient of that outstanding award and Evan paid $100.01 for the honor.


Past President Myron Tisdel tried to weasel points out of the queen for the letter to the editor that feature our president.  She wouldn't budge on the points because she didn't feel it was fair, so she paid $100.50.


Enterprise High School Student of the Month was athlete, scholar and artist, Audrey Kramm.  She is a soccer and basketball player, a 3.6 gpa student and aspiring artist.  Congratulations.


The 50/50 was up to $47 and Tom Price spun for the pot to Grow!


Today's program was brought to us by none other than Prince Charles.  Charlie Menoher and his guests presented us with information on the Shasta County Youth Peer Court.  A program that RER contributes to annually.


The door prize was won by Prince Charles!