Don’t forget the Blood Drive on October 9th.  Sign up with Frank Lehmann – 241-2596
Special thanks to Tony with Red Bluff Rotary who sold $1,100 in ducks!
Bev Stupek thanked all those who attended the membership training in Anderson.  Chris Carter, Dave Ercolano, Ron Largent, Denise Yergenson, Bev Stupek and Bill Haedrich.
Ed Harrison fined President Chris $105 for his missing bell.  The past presidents were trying for $5 a week for every week it is missing and Howard Taylor said $100 a week would be better.
There were some accusations made by President Chris that Bev Stupek and Jim Westerberg might have been involved in the bell heist.  They were caught on camera at the meeting where the bell went missing by video surveillance at the club.
Annie Purcell was fined for photos of her super heroes (her two boys) on Facebook.  She paid $100 to her Paul Harris.
Denise Yergenson attended her class reunion (35 years) and was caught doing the Cupid Shuffle with her husband.  She also had photos of her children and herself at a very beautiful winery in Healdsburg and a 20 year old photo of her at a church ceremony for her brother in law.  The powers of Facebook!  Chris Carter got $50 out her.
Brian Crume had photos of Nitro, his new dog, on Facebook and he bragged about visiting wineries in Oregon.  He also paid the price of posting on Facebook.
President Chris thanked back table gurus Bill Hazeleur and Ron Largent for all their dedication to the club each week.
The 50/ 50 chance was won by Lisa Geraci, who then won a top and free lunch.
The mystery Rotarian of the week was Eric Woodstrom.  Eric is in commercial banking, is married and has four kids.  The one thing we all didn’t know is that Eric loves umpiring baseball games!
The presentation was by Ken White, the development director at One Safe Place, formerly the Women’s Refuge.
The gift was won by Theresa Muth.