Today's meeting was hosted by Team 6 under the direction of Curtis Newcomb.


After introductions were made it was determined that the M&M Tossing Team is in need of some Fall Training.  Leader Keith Ritter was planning on a "pitching" clinic after the meeting.


Allyn Clark announced that she has 22 bottles of Rotarian donated wine to take to the District Conference.  Thank you all you contributed.



Beginning November 3rd, a $5 meeting charge will be assessed at every regular meeting.  The $5 can get you tea and cookies, which proceeds go to Riverview or $5 is just donated to the club.


Don't forget you can get a lunch voucher from Dave Ercolano for any new member you are recruiting.




The Paul Harris matching point program is still underway.  Contributions can be made on-line.  If you need help, call Chad Thompson.


The Dictionary program is also still underway. Purchase the $7 dictionary from Chad as well.  The goal is one dictionary per District Rotary member.


The Christmas/Holiday Party is FRIDAY, December 10rd.  Cocktails at Bill Haedrich's home, dinner at Tierra Oaks and dessert at Charlie Menoher's home.  Need a head count by December 1st.  If you sign up and don't show up, you still have to pay!  Cost is $30 per person.


Our exchange student Hannah gave a very convincing pitch for her cookbooks the Culinary Arts program at Shasta High is selling.  $10 a book and proceeds go toward purchase of the food for the final.  Brian Stupek (son of the Queen) tried to also put in a pitch, but Hannah had one-upped him!  If you would like to buy a book, contact Cathy Grindstaff and she'll get Hannah in touch with you.


Our Community Builder for the week was Steven Goedert, OD, partner of Curtis Newcomb.  Steven has been involved in the Redding community for a long time serving with the soccer league, Foothill High School wrestling, the Rodeo Association, board member and volunteer fireman, Exchange Club and an usher at his church.  He has also offered vision therapy to many young athletes in the area.  Congratulations Steven.


Newer member Jeff Thompson gave his Craft Talk.  He grew up in Novato with two brothers and one sister.  He played softball and baseball, umpired and even square danced.  He has several fears he has conquered.  Public speaking, which he showed he has definitely conquered and a fear of sharks, which even though he's a certified scuba diver, he's still a litter leery.  He has worked in audio visual sales and installation, owning his own business.  He did telemarketing and graduated from the Fire Academy.  He served two years at the Shasta College Fire Station and then decided to become a loan officer and notary!  The best decision he ever made was when he started his current business, "We Move It", a full-service moving company.  He now has three trucks, a dump trailer, a spa trailer and an auto transport and loves what he is doing.  He said he is at the best time in his life having met the love of his life, Kimber, who is also known for her portrayal of Mandy Peppercorn at Queen Bev's demotion, and having a great job and family.




Mary Burger was caught sneaking out of the meeting early so she had to pay the $5 scooter fee and was fined $20 more for her recent trip to Arizona.


Jim Murphy spent two weeks in Montana fishing then three weeks in France.  That cost him $100.


Miles Carter's grandpa (that would be Chris) was fined $75 for the new addition to his family, but he passed off the bragging to Devon Carter, his son.  Seems little Miles (7 lbs, 10 oz and 20 inches long) joins two siblings. Three in three years!  His Planned Parenthood appointment is November 3rd!


Marilyn Wooley was in Toronto for business and is now on her way to Hawaii to help her daughter with her campaign for re-election to the State House of Representatives.  She paid $75.


The 50/50 was attempted by Pat Wallner, who came away with a white marble but not $450.


Jeff Vieira gave a presentation on the State of the Banking Industry.


Next week's program is by Glenn Rank who will talk about climbing Mt. Shasta.