Today's meeting notes were provided by Cathy Grindstaff, who does a much better job than your editor! 


The meeting was brought to RER by Team 5, lead by Chad Thompson.  There were High Fives all around (clever way to name your team).  Team High Five was well represented by Chad, Marge Beck, Anna Bengtsson, Don Brooks, Craig Carrel, Brian Crume, John Johnson and Laura Redwine.  Jim Salini and Dick Yoder were absent.


Visiting Rotarian for the day was Chuck Spafford and Guests of Rotarians included Brook Thompson, Jennifer Powell and Nate Mayo.


It was birthday week.  Birthday Rotarians included:  Don Brooks, Charlie Clinkenbeard, Marge Remedios, Marilyn Wooley, Bill Haedrich, Bill Wright, Jerry Peters, Eric Smith and Myron Tisdel.  Also celebrated was more than 500 years of anniversaries.


Jerry Peters announced that the Special Olympic Bowling Banquet is August 27, 2010 at the AndersonCity Hall and the Peters/Murphy Family Picnic is August 21, 2010 at Jerry Peter's home beginning at 1 p.m.


Maggie John reminded everyone that the August 18th meeting will be held at Caltrans on Caterpillar Road with an Industrial Tour of Skyway Products.  Please let her know by the next meeting if you plan on attending.


Chris Haedrich and Laura Redwine passed the Four Way Test, test with flying colors.


Recognitions:  Cathy Grindstaff has a new baby granddaughter and took a trip to Seattle to visit her other two granddaughters.  That cost her $100.


Pat Beasley brought two new flags from Hawaii, where apparently golfed.  That was $50 a flag. 


There was something about Gordon Flinn and no flag and no charge!


President/Prince Charlie had his best golf game at 77 and cost $77.


Craft Talk:  Tom Price was a born a "redneck" and attended Arcata High, HumboldtState and worked for Munnell Sherril out of college and moved to Redding when the company opened a store here.  He met his wife Kim in 1978!


The Community Builder/Starfish award was presented to Brook Thompson who raises guide dogs and happens to be the daughter of Chad.  Congratulations Brook.


Dan Flynn drew the winning ticket for the 50/50 but didn't draw the winning stone!  The pot is at $121.


The program was presented by Al Boren of the ShastaCountyYMCA and focused on the developmental assets needed for kids.  Bottom line is that beyond food and shelter, kids need access to safe places, caring adults and productive activities.


The door prize was the universal gift of $20 and was won by Bill Brown.  Next week's presentation is by District Governor Karl Diekman.  Be there!


I TOLD YOU CATHY DID A GREAT JOB! Don't expect this in the future!