Today's meeting brought to you by Team 6, lead by Brian Nilges.
Theresa Muth gave her Craft Talk....Theresa is originally from Baltimore and in the middle of eight children!  She moved to Vallejo and graduated from Vallejo High School and then went to college, twice!  She has bachelor's degree in recreation and her master's in physical education. She has worked in recreation, the Easter Seals and Turtle Bay and is currently in what she hopes is the final job of her career, the manager of Big League Dreams.  She truly believes in the park's motto "Your Community Park" and hopes to host all types of community events there.  If your team needs an industrial tour, she's there for you.  Welcome to RER Theresa!
RECOGNITIONS:  Facebook can be your downfall.  Don't friend Chris Carter unless you are willing to pay the price.  Just ask Andy Main!  An old picture of his celebrating at a Cal football game got someone's attention.  Then he got spotted at a high school reunion.  Photos of him and his wife in a photo booth cost him $50.
Eric Smith sent his football team (he's coaching at West Valley) on a scavenger hunt during their camp and that photo on Facebook cost him $50.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: A fundraising event "Problem Solving Clinic" with your horse, taught by Charles Wilhelm will be held on October 26 at the Cottonwood Equestrian Center.  Proceeds will benefit the "Hooves for Harmony" a therapeutic riding program serving children in the Redding area.  For more information visit the website at
DUCKY DERBY:  Sell those tickets.  Posters will be available at the next meeting.
Bill Wright went to Sitka, Alaska for fishing, where his wife out fished him, and that cost him $100.
Past District Governor was giving hugs today at our meeting.  She paid a fine and gave Chris a banner for the Kenya Smiles program.
OTHER: The 50/50 chance was won by Keith Ritter, who didn't win the cash.  Pot was up to $96.
Brian Gibson as the "Who Am I" Rotarian for the week.  A photo of getting ready for the prom had everyone stumped as to who it was.  He is a third generation HVAC man, owning Gibson Heating and Air.  He is a Redding native and is married with a three year old child, who he said leads to a fun and horrible experience all at the same time!
Marge Beck gave an interesting presentation on Healthcare Reform.