Today’s meeting was hosted by Team 3.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Anna Bengtson is moving to Oregon and Chris Haedrich has agreed to take over the position of secretary.


Jim Murphy talked about the Reading Rotarians program and the desire to start the program in the Enterprise area.  Redding Rotary sponsors the program in several Redding School District schools with help from a few of our club members.  Interested?  Give Jim a call.


Last chance to sign up for Seis de Mayo.  You don’t want to miss this great party.  See Sue Metcalfe or Dave Ercolano.


The Golf Tournament will be held on June 11, 2011 at the Palo Cedro Golf Course.  Talk to Tom Price for sign ups and details.  $25 per player.


The District 5160 Assembly will be held at Shasta College on May 14th.  See President Menoher for details.


This week’s Community Builder is Maurice Johannessen, who is a past member of Redding East Rotary and currently with the other club!  Maurice has served our community as a City Council member and member of the Shasta County Board of Supervisors.  He is a retired Senator, which office he held from 1993 to 2002 and is the catalyst behind the Veterans Cemetery.  Congratulations to Maurice for this week’s award and to his wife, who he credited with much of his success.


President Menoher also introduced Don Free, a “retired” RER member and WWII fighter pilot.

The “Blue Badgers” were subjected to the Rotary Minute and failed!  Of course, anyone in the room who was asked the name of the Rotary International secretary in 1910 would have failed.  They each had to pay $10.


RECOGNITION:  Charlie tried to recognize Denise Yergenson for her son’s mountain biking success, but she put off the fine until the end of May when Dane is finished with the High School Mountain Bike races.  He placed 4th at the last race, has a race this weekend and the State Finals on May 13th.  He’s currently in 7th place for the Nor Cal League.


Martha McCoy won’t fess up to any weekend travels, so she also deferred her fine for her youngest son’s new job to June when her oldest son enters the Navy.


Cathy Grindstaff brought be best guest ever to Rotary today, her granddaughter Mia.  She paid $50 from her first paycheck and then reminded us all that Hannah is only here for about a month and half, so if you have not been able to spend time with her, you should.  Also…we have a boy from France coming this summer and we need host families and a MALE counselor.


Tom Smith was invited to be the guest speaker on KCNR radio because he and his law partner purchased a dinner from Carl Bott, the owner of the radio station.  He will be talking about his firm and promises to mention RER.  He was fined $25 with an additional $25 to come if he fails to mention the club.  He paid the $50 now, just in case.


The 50/50 try was won by Tom Bryant, who picked the wrong marble.


New members Jim Westerberg and Jenn Powell each paid $25 because after they got their new badges, the left their old ones on the table.  Jim tried to get out of it by saying that it was Allyn Clarks fault, but it didn’t work.


The gift of a Starbucks gift certificate was won by Dick Yoder.