50,000 little ducks will were "stuck" in 70 minutes by about 197 volunteers.  Quite impressive! They DROP into the Sacramento River from DiestlhorstBridge on Sunday 9/27 at 4 pm.  The 45th annual Turtle Bay Arts and Crafts Fair takes place in  Caldwell Park between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday & Sunday.  You can adopt your duck at the park.  Live entertainment on two stages and live animal shows make this a true family day.

The 5 top selling students will be invited to view the drop from the River. 


Caleb Guggenbickler, BoulderCreekSchool – 231 Ducks

Bryan Wells, UPrep – 210 Ducks

Elizabeth Maniscalco, BoulderCreekSchool – 139 Ducks

Emily Wilds, North Cow Creek – 136 Ducks

Emileigh Petty, TurtleBaySchool – 131 Ducks


The winning duck's adopter will receive a Ducky Playhouse donated by Meeks Lumber & Hardware.  Second prize is a Giants Extravaganza weekend from Interwest Insurance.  Other prizes are a river rafting trip and a fly fishing trip. 


The real winners are our local youth development and substance abuse prevention programs.   This is the 20th year and over $2.9 million dollars has been returned to our local youth programs from this event.