POINTS...POINTS...POINTS....Which team will wear the jockey uniform?
Good morning Redding East Rotary,
Sadly, my time as your president has come to an end (I know, wipe those tears).  There is only 1 more meeting left!!!
And for this special day, this Wednesday, 12 noon, I will be announcing the winning team for the 2020-2021 RER Term Derby Horse Race 😲.  Which also means I’ll be announcing the losing team as well 😬  Which also means you should get me any last minute points ASAP.
At our new Elks Lodge location, we do not have a projector yet (it is in the works but we should have one for incoming president Mark), so I’m not exactly sure if I’ll be able to digitally display the results, but I’ll definitely be providing the final numbers and celebrating all that you have accomplished.
Can’t wait to see you all this Wednesday @ 12 noon @ the Redding Elks Lodge.
All the best,
Chris Haedrich
Your RER Prez
P.S. The race is amazingly close!